Part 1: The ultimate barrier to your breakthroughs!

Have you ever had a week where you were so over stressed, your nerves are shot by the end of the week. It’s like your nervous system was a punching bag all week long, and now you can’t move, just a puddle on the ground. This was my week, up all night and stressed all day. But why?

This was exactly how I felt this time last year, and honestly, I thought I was beyond all that BS! After a year of putting so much into my personal growth, my spiritual life, I really hated to feel the same way as a year ago. Then my beloved coach, Brittany, reminded me that I didn’t deal with everything last year, that some things are still left unresolved. Now it is my decision if I let them back in, repeat sabotaging patterns, or to finally remove them from my life.

It is the beginning of the year, and you have the same decision to make. To you let last year seep into this year and continue down your path or do you finally deal with the pieces of your life that are no longer serving you. No matter what you decide, God will take matters into His own hands and unravel all that is not serving you. I’m sure you are nodding your head yes or even laughing at how this has happened before. Cue the old ex boyfriend who cheated on you repeatedly until he finally left or you left him. Yup, that was for your own good because cheater or not, he was no good for you and God took matters into His own hands to make sure you left and never looked back! 

In the past, I always tried to control the things that were unraveling. No, don’t let this happen to me, clinging on for dear life like a clingy girlfriend no one wants to be around. Forcing things with people who are not ideal clients. Forcing a program that is sucking all my energy out of me. 

Do you ever force things? We’ve been taught as a society that things need to be hard if you want to make money. Push harder, work longer, and yet we always find ourselves melting down, broken, and exhausted. So why do we put the hustle on a pedestal? We think hustling will forever end the hustle. The to do list will end the to do list! Hah, how wrong we have been!

What was the story growing up that made you into a born hustler? 

For me, growing up I was always told you have to work hard for your money. You have to work hard for that starting position in basketball. But God doesn’t want you so tired that by the end of the day, you can’t even play with your kids on the floor. Or too burnt out to volunteer. He wants you to celebrate life everyday! To have joy at work, to have satisfaction in your life! He wants life to be easy for you! So that old energy and mindset of it having to be hard, it’s time to let it go lady! Let it go!

Now here is what will follow: This is the most important message you will hear all year long! I can promise you that!

You will say, I won’t overwork myself, I will let it be easy, I will allow myself to receive. 

You will feel so free, so peaceful, so loved…and then minutes if not seconds later, you will start to question it. How? How will this be easy, it’s never been easy before? How can I earn more if I’m working less? How can I trust the money will be there when it’s taken me so long to save it?

How my friend is a direct threat on your trust. The moment we say how, we question God. 

On the same note, it is perfectly human to ask how because How is the barrier to a breakthrough. You begin to think negatively, you enter the negative spiral of more and more horrible thoughts, concerns, and fears. Before you know it, that amazing moment is gone, and you are back where you were before. This is called the comfort zone, and never are millions made in the comfort zone. 

Let’s reflect on this, how often is an amazing moment, thought, or feeling quickly interrupted by a bad thought? 

Always, right? Yup, we always interrupt a satisfying moment with more negativity. It is the barrier to a free, loving, and peaceful life full of money, growth, and expansion! You are literally blocking your next breakthrough with the negative thoughts. 

Now we know the problem, next week, I will go into how to make significant shifts to allow you to have more breakthroughs than ever before! 

All of these barriers are exactly what I teach  you to let go of during my LIFT course, a 10 week money miracle journey. It allows you to heal all these boulders of money blocks. You can then see so clearly how the barriers have prevented you from your big breakthroughs AND how to move past them. Becoming aware of them is key, rewriting the script is important, BUT you also have to heal and rewire your subconscious and your nervous system. That is where the LIFT works comes into play, you will receive a new money meditation and prayer to work with every week as you rework your nervous system, support your subconscious, and build a prosperous future! 

How would it feel like to never worry about money again? To let money flow in and out of your life with so much ease and bliss? Always knowing there is more than enough money coming in! This is what the financial industry avoids talking about, because they actually don’t know it! It all comes from God, and His laws of the universe. Feel like you are holding on for dear life to your money? That is a sure way to loose it all, and live life in a pressure cooker! It is why people earning millions of dollars a year come to me, because even with that much money coming in, they are still scared of losing it all. More money does NOT heal your money issues, it only makes them worse. I now take them through LIFT, and they are able to trust their money and lead their money instead of money always leading them. 

Step into your true value, begin trusting money again, and step up as a leader in this world with my LIFT course!