Now is a Great Time to Slow Down

Meditation, something so simple yet so powerful all at once.

Every morning I walk into my pinkfix office at 8 am after dropping off my kids at school. This is my time, a moment to get into alignment with my mission and to check in with myself. I spend an hour on my couch with a cozy pink blanket wrapped around me, I sit, have my hot tea, and let myself be. I write in my journal, I read the bible, and I meditate. 3 simple things, who knew they could transform my business in such a way!

This morning routine has become my Daily Money Practice, which sounds strange given none of it involves money. Yet, this is where it all begins! It is an hour of detaching from emails, phone calls, social media, and to reattach myself to God, to my Higher Power, to me. So none of it involves money, yet it all involves money. Here’s what most people get wrong, they want more money so they focus on getting more money. Then when it doesn’t happen, they get frustrated, obsessed, trying to fix the problem. But all this does is make you focus on what you lack, which makes you stressed out. According to the laws of the universe, which do stem from the Bible, when you focus on lack, you never receive it. When you focus on abundance, abundance flows. 

By focusing on your lack of money, how do you feel? Frustrated, worried, nervous, scared, angry, sad, fill in the blank______.

Now focus on something you have plenty of:

Air to breath,

Water to drink,

Love to spread,

People to connect with,

Food to eat,

Sunshine on your face.

How do you feel now? Calm, free, peaceful, open, aware, grateful.

Maybe your chest just opened up a little or your shoulders finally relaxed after months of being so tense. You just opened yourself up to receive, and this is what my Daily Money Practice does for YOU! It gets you into the flow of abundance to receive.

When you have a money problem in your life, you become stressed over it. The moment you let stress into your life, consciously or subconsciously, you put yourself into fight or flight mode. This is your body’s way of protecting you from entering into unknown territory like more money in your life. Sounds counterintuitive, but it does because you are used to receiving a certain amount of money, and when you challenge that, your body doesn’t know how to feel safe. Your body stops sending chemicals to your brain, your brain stops analyzing, and basically short circuits itself. Your eyes glaze over, blood stops flowing to important parts of your body like your digestive system or critical thinking part of your brain. The blood instead moves to areas that help you to protect yourself physically or to run away. When you are in a constant state of stress, your body literally doesn’t have the blood or chemicals flowing to critical areas to support your healing and growth. This is not healthy, this can damage your actual health, along with your finances.

To every problem, there is a solution!

Now we understand the science behind focusing on lack versus abundance, we can create new, healthy habits to correct it. All you have to do to begin is take a breath!

Meditation is so powerful because it immediately switches you from stress to breath. You begin to breathe, your muscles start to loosen, and you move into the flow again or alignment. It gives your body space to heal, to get the nutrients back to those critical areas again. Even fifteen minutes a day can lead you to feeling more abundant, more at ease, and grateful. As you spend more time in this state of mind, you will see miracles happen all around you. You sleep better, you eat healthier, you have more energy to work out, and you have more energy. You begin to SHOW UP differently in the world!

The most special piece of meditating is you are allowing your subconscious to talk to you. This subconscious is your connection to God, to your higher power. This is your intuition. So if you feel you haven’t been listening to your intuition lately, go meditate and see what opens up for you. You can start trusting your decisions because you are being led by your intuition, by God. Now you will be intune with new courses of action, new opportunities, and you will feel safe taking the risks in your life. These risks will lead you to new fortunes, new doors being opened, and you won’t sabotage yourself anymore because you are being guided by something higher than you. 

Meditation is so simple yet so powerful because it shows you that you can move mountains!