Nothing fabulous ever happened from doing nothing!

Every month, I try to read 1 to 2 books for personal growth or professional growth, so let me tell you how excited I was to dive into a book that covers BOTH! John C. Maxwell’s The Power of Your Potential was exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Thank you God for putting it in my hands at the right moment, timing is everything after all! 

I am a firm believer that once you commit to something, you see the ripple effect of it in all areas of your life. I see it happen again and again with the women I work with. Once they commit to their money goals, they start to become more strategic with the business, with their time, and with their family. One woman, who is in my Money Empire Program, told me after our first call, she started to change her conversation with her prospects. She became more intentional with the direction of your consults, did more to follow up with them, and in the end, more successful with them. She also thought through her interactions with her kids, especially when it came to the topic of money. After understanding her own money values from the program, she can now make an effort to pass those values onto her kids. You see, the ripple effect is transformational!

Lucky me, I now was able to see it with my own life! So exciting!

Over the past week, something amazing happened to me, and I have to share it with you! I reached out to 3 different people for help for all different reasons. One was to help me with a personal relationship I was struggling with and I was rewarded with a new relationship! One was to help me with financial advisory work, and I was rewarded with a new client. The last person was to help me with my #pinkfix brand, and I was rewarded with two new connections. 

I realized that asking for help means you will be rewarded in a bigger way! It’s the power of understanding our limitations, asking for help, and the universe giving you more than what you needed. The power of help! 

Then I was reading a new John C. Maxwell’s book, which explained how we need to take on risk in life. BUT the bigger the risk, the more help we will need. Wow did it click for me! I have some pretty BIG dreams for my work, which is why I need a lot of help. I used to think asking for help was a sign of weakness and felt stupid. I didn’t want anyone to know I was struggling or didn’t have all the answers. Then one day my therapist explained how asking for help is a sign of strength. Only weak people try it all on their own. It takes a strong person to admit their faults and weaknesses. It takes an even stronger person to want to change those weaknesses and faults, to grow as a person. 

YOU have big dreams, which will require help! I may or may not be the person to help you, but I strongly encourage you to reach out for help. 

Here is YOUR checklist from The Power of Your Potential to help you move forward with your own potential and to embrace risk:

  1. Never taking a risk is more dangerous than taking a risk. If you haven’t hit your goals, you might not be taking on enough risk. 
  2. Go into risk intentionally and strategically! Don’t just go for any risk, analyze the risk first! Ask yourself these questions first:
    1. Who else has taken this risk?
    2. How bad can it get?
    3. How good can it get?
    4. Can I try it on for size frist?
    5. Is there room for error?
    6. Do I believe in myself?
  3. The bigger the risk, the more help you will need. The RIGHT help! Embrace other people who take on risk in their own lives. They are the ones who can help you, encourage you, and support you!

And remember, nothing fabulous ever came from doing nothing! The biggest successes in the world were built on people taking risks, embracing the challenge, and fighting through the struggle. And they never did it alone! If you think back to a time in your life when you felt very stuck, were you alone? You most likely were, which is why you felt so stuck for so long. 

I am here to help, my community is here to support YOU! Embrace us!

We invite you to our next event to help you refocus, regroup, and re-priorize you and your MONEY!