Nobody’s said you’re good at…

Nobody’s said you’re good at…fill in the blank.

So it keeps you from taking that next step. The fear sets in that you really aren’t good enough, oh thank you little critter piece of my brain for reinforcing my insecurities that I never can seem to do enough, be enough for work, for home, for my family. 

As I sit in the pedicure chair the day before Christmas Eve for some much needed me time, I dive into my latest book on my reading list: everyone should be millionaires. It hit me that no ones ever said I’m a good advisor. Minutes before I was expressing to my business coach that I beat myself down at needing to be a better advisor. Beat myself down so much that I constantly feel the need to do more, learn more, charge less. 

I quickly ran to this little wooden box I keep that houses notes and notes from other advisors, clients, and friends that state all the positive feedback. 

We always forget these little gems don’t we? It’s why I keep this box and even have a folder in my email with similar notes, and make it a point to review them. You have been called a good advisor, a good mom, a good…fill in the blank. We just weren’t ready to receive the information. Or we were too busy to actually let it sink in! Or we choose to let another story continue to play in our heads.

I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, I’ll never be a millionaire, I started too late in life… the list goes on and on!

It came to me as I get my nails done, that I was looking for my own dad to say it: Jess you are a good advisor. But his own insecurities and stories of not being enough stood in the way. He always thought he had to do more as an advisor. That we all had to do more to the point where I felt like a needy, clingy girlfriend.

Whenever someone told my father I was doing a good job, he would make a comment like: she’s a great daughter, takes after her mother. I guess he’ll always see me as his little girl. Having my own kids, I now can see why he does that. But as a woman leader in the financial industry, how desperately I needed him to see me as I am, a mother f—-ing Money Queen. Sometimes we need the men in our lives to take us seriously and get some respect.

I recently had a strategy session with a woman business owner. By the end I could tell she was just needing someone to take her business and finances seriously no matter their size because her boyfriend definitely wasn’t! He was constantly telling her what to do, how to do it, where to buy her first real estate. It didn’t even feel like her goals or ideas anymore, he was too tangled into them! 

How frustrating is it to realize we’ve been allowing these people to block us from our next move! I can tell you that I’m done with others holding me back! I’m on this train moving forward, gaining momentum, and not stopping. You can get on the train or not, but it’s leaving the station at midnight! And this Cinderella isn’t giving up on the dream just because the clocks tricks twelve! No more excuses delaying my expansion, no more insecurities keeping me in rags, and no more people wasting precious dance time with me! 

I want you to know that I take you seriously, that your money matters to me, and that we are here to partner with you! YOU matter, and YOUR dreams matter. 

It is God’s desire but it is our decision. I’ve decided, and now it’s your turn. 

What will you decide?