My Thoughts on Wrapping Up 2017

I don’t know about you, but this year has flown by. Life seems to be on fast forward, and it can be hard to remember all that you’ve accomplished throughout the year. You can get down thinking about all that you didn’t accomplish as well. I was in this mind frame when I decided to go back and really think about my year. And since I’m a numbers gal, let’s look at the numbers.

  • I have had my highest views per week on my blog, capping at 11,000 in one week!,
  • Donated over 70 books to women, women’s groups, teams, and non-profits,
  • Wrote 40 blog postings for my blog: Not Your Father’s Advisor,,
  • I’ve hosted or spoke at 15 webinars, workshops, events, and speaking engagements (most of them geared towards women),
  • I gave up 16 weekends with my family to work and help more women,
  • And for my #1 highlight: I got pregnant, then decided to write a book the next day, became a #1 Bestseller*, and had my baby.

There were countless other amazing moments. Some were sad such as having to put my dog on prosaic and on a more serious note, we’ve had to say goodbye to some loved ones. There were happy moments like seeing my mom’s face light up when she sees her granddaughter. Now it’s your turn! What were your highlights this year? Take a moment to reflect on them. What would your life look like if you had the guiding hand of a coach? Because in the end, that is what I am to my clients, support, guidance, confidence, and even strength when they can’t find it for themselves.

If you know a woman in your life who could use some help, respond to with their email. They will receive a FREE copy of my book to get them started. Just think, you could give them this amazing gift to get their life turned around for the better, to really make an impact in their life and their family’s life. Is there a better holiday gift that you could give them and their family? This is my holiday gift to you, to help someone who is important in your life. So please send along as many emails as you would like because it is all about giving this month.
And I want to thank you for another wonderful year with my blog and with my work. You make me so excited to come to work each day and bring so much fulfillment into my life. Please let me know what topics you’d like to read about in 2018 so we can keep the fun and momentum going! Fill out the form below to give me your thoughts and what you’d like to read more of.