My Thoughts on Maternity Leave

As we approach my due date, I wanted to share with you why I will only be taking a few weeks off from work. My baby shower was over the weekend, so now reality seems to be sinking in. I’ve been getting a lot of comments about why I only want to be home with my baby for such a quick period of time. I’d love to hear your thoughts since it is such a big topic now. But before I get into my reasons, I want to say we all need to give mothers a break whether you are a working mom or stay at home mom (or as I say non-compensated spouse since you are most definitely still working!). I’ve had enough of this silly rival between moms, when we are all just doing our best to get by and not fail our children, our spouse, and ourselves. So I say enough of this I’m a better mom because I’m home raising my children or I’m a better mom because I work. We have to stop judging, stereotyping, and belittling our fellow moms. Let’s instead unite as moms, because we really do have the toughest job around.
I do feel our country really needs to be more accommodative for moms and dads, and that starts with better maternity leaves and paternity leaves. I’m sure I sound like a hypocrite since I’m only taking a few weeks off, but I do feel employers need to be better about men and women having children. It would encourage them to stay in the workforce instead of leaving. I’m lucky to have a husband who will have four weeks off when our daughter is born, which is NOT typical. And this is my #3 reason for coming back to work so quickly, I have an amazing support system. My mother and mother in law will both help with babysitting, and my husband will watch our daughter on his off days during the week. I CANNOT wait to see the outfits and hairstyles he has her in when I get home from work. It will all be worth it to see how many Duke Basketball onesies he can put her in. I didn’t grow up very close to my grandmothers, so I am thrilled my daughter will be extremely close with her grandparents. This is a huge BONUS in my eyes.
My #2 reason for my short maternity leave is I love what I do. I get so much satisfaction, happiness, and fulfillment from my job that I cannot imagine taking any more time off. And I do NOT think that makes me a bad mom (or mom to be). I’m so excited to come back to work, and have an entire journal of ideas, events, and blog postings to keep my excitement going. I can’t wait to start my events again, continue writing, and help more women. Just to give you an idea of how enthused I am, I’ll be planning 2 events right off the bat while I’m home. I’m going to throw a book party to celebrate my book, say thank you for supporting it, and to help raise money for a charity that helps abused women and families. The second event is an exclusive event for my female clients and will address one of the biggest concerns I hear: who will take care of me? Who will take care of me when I get older and need assistance? I’ve been taking care of everyone else my entire life so who will be there for me then? 
And I’d love to hear what other events you’d like to attend, webinars you’d like to see, and what areas I can do some blog postings on. So please fill in the sheet below with your suggestions, I want to be as productive as I can because that is what makes me happy.

And my #1 reason is YOU. I have this urge to continue helping more women, and that passion won’t go away with my baby. I have a feeling it will only grow and ignite more fire within me to help you. I love my clients, my readers, and all the women I’m able to touch so I won’t stop until I help more. So please let me know what topics you want more information on, what events and webinars you’d like to attend, and how I can help you beyond this posting. Fill out the box below so I can continue on my mission.

Here I am with my mother (in yellow) and mother in law (in pink) at my shower. I was told to be more sassy in my pictures, so this is what you get! They did an amazing job with my shower, and I want to give them a big shout out and thank you!! Baby Girl will definitely become a strong woman with both of you in her life