My Commitment to You

I usually write my blog posts when I see a MAJOR money issue going on with the women I work with.  Recently, I’ve realized numerous revelations, and it is FINALLY time to share them with you. I’m going to get vulnerable with you about my work, something I’d rather not share but feel it is necessary to open up about.

I have so much to celebrate this year, personally and professionally. I have more new clients than ever before, started my newest baby: my Strong Retirement Club, and am going to be in Oprah Magazine this fall! I have to repeat this because it still feels like a dream: “I am going to be in Oprah Magazine, THE Oprah Magazine!” 

Yet despite all these triumphs, we tend to move past them too quickly, forget them even faster, and instead, we dwell so long on the setbacks. We analyze and analyze all the things we’ve done “wrong”, could have done better, and we let ourselves spin into a downward spiral. We don’t know how to stop it, how to get out of the spiral, and who to turn for help. We feel alone.

My truth is that I dwell on the women I tried to help but couldn’t. This is an understatement, I’m CONSTANTLY thinking what if I did something better, what if I pushed harder?? I’m left feeling that I’ve fallen short, that I failed you, and it just plain stinks.  

For the women who have been working with me, thinking of working with me, or want to support my mission, I have been pushing myself to a higher level for the past few years. I have worked my butt off, hustling, and giving as much of myself as I can to help you. 

I push myself so hard, so that I can push you because I see your FULL potential. Your potential to achieve your goals, your dreams, no matter how big they are! I want it so BADLY for you! I’m trying to help you move past your old money beliefs so you can achieve anything you are after in life. The challenge I see is that sometimes you believe so strongly in these old beliefs that you let them dictate your life. BUT the reality is that these beliefs are not facts – they can be changed at any moment; all you need is to decide that for yourself and take action to change them.

So while I continue to push you, I’ve decided this year that not every relationship is going to work. When you are my client, I can do all that I can to help you see your full potential, but sometimes I fail at it. I get really down when it doesn’t work out, because I’ve seen what happens when women do get past their limiting beliefs. I LOVE being a part of the process and being your partner in it. 

I keep pushing you because I want more for you. I want to become your money advocate. BUT I can’t force our relationship, it can’t be a one way street. Just like any relationship, we both need to be committed. I can’t be more committed to your goals than you are. All you have to do is decide whether you want more for your life and are willing to take action to make those goals a reality. 

Are you living your fullest life at this moment? 

If not, I want to help! Let’s talk!

That’s a great first step to move forward.

Any opinions are those of Jess Weaver and not necessarily those of Raymond James.