Mother’s Day Money Tips

I have always found Mother’s Day to be one of the most important holidays that families should celebrate together. Every family has, and needs, a matriarch! The one that everyone can lean on, everyone can go to for advice or support, that someone who is always going to be in their corner without question, and that’s what our moms will always be for us! Moms don’t get enough credit, and I’m not saying that just because I am one!! I say that because I don’t think there is any way to encompass all the feelings of gratefulness, thankfulness, appreciation for our mothers, grandmothers, step-moms, any motherly figures in our lives!

I love to go to my mother for advice, whatever it may be about, I’ll ask my mom! (And I know I can’t be the only one, even if you won’t admit it!) Some of my favorite moments with my mother are different pieces of advice she has given me, they’re like these golden tokens I take with me through life! Mama’s always right, don’t forget that!

So for this Mother’s Day, I wanted to share some good mama money tips with you guys!! Here’s some from my mom, my friends’ moms, or advice that I’ve passed onto my kids:

Always know how much it takes to run your household! How much money do you have coming in versus going out!

Always have a credit card in just your name to establish credit history!

Have a rainy day fund!

Have your own money!

Teach your daughters, your kids!

Get educated, most women focus on day to day money mgmt, but husband’s do the big picture!

Set goals with the household!

Prioritize your time mama! Self care is self love!

Make your biz credible in the eyes of your spouse, family, and you. Get office space, dress up, create an LLC or corp!