Money tips for couples: How to money date your partner for a prosperous and sexy future

The same way that our careers and money play an important role in our lives, so do the relationships we have, with people and money! When looking for someone to share your life with, your best and worst moments, you also have to look for someone that shares the same financial integrity as you. So, with my help, it’s time to money date your spouse!!

There are so many aspects of our lives that money and finances play a part in, too many to count! Going on dates, eating out with friends, going for a night out with the girls, everything costs money. The real question is how much and who do you want to spend it with? 

So after taking time to find the one for you, make sure they’re the one for your money too! Set money goals together! Become the dream team, getting excited about money and achieving those goals together as a unit. Create a one year, five year, ten year goals for whatever categories you want, some like traveling, renovations, savings, investments, whatever you find important!

Monthly meetings will ensure accountability in your daily money habits. When you are working towards a goal together, you have each other’s support more than tackling them solo. Don’t nag each other during the monthly meetings or put each other down.  Schedule money dates with your spouse every month to review expenses, income, investments and debts! Make sure your monthly dates are upbeat and powerful. Say what you are proud of, what you think your spouse did well, and what you want to do to improve your own habits. 

How will you track and rate your progress? Create a system to track your progress and break down goals into daily tasks! Give yourselves a rating of improvement. Whether it’s a google sheet or a notebook, it’ll be easy to consistently use, share, track and keep each other in the loop of any expenses. If you don’t track your progress, you won’t realize what’s working for you and your partner. It’ll take longer to make the necessary adjustments. Consistency is key! As you track your progress, you can see what you can handle on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Build from there instead of overworking yourself and your spouse to the point of exhaustion, and possible resentment. 

Lastly, don’t do it alone! It’s all about balance and sharing in a relationship. There is added pressure trying to navigate your financial plan without bringing in your partner, or even a financial professional. You will be able to make more strategic decisions with the help of a financial planner. Divide some of the responsibilities: who is managing day to day cash flow, money coming and going out, overall financial picture and strategies, etc. 

And don’t forget to celebrate, ladies!! Make sure to carve out into your budget ways to celebrate your progress and success! A trip or special dinner to feel wealthy can expand both your emotional and financial partnership and build momentum for more successful money dating!