Market & Mindset Update

During times like these in the markets, it is make it or break it. Patience is the key to making it through pullbacks that we are experiencing and setting yourself up for a strong recovery. In the end, the markets are designed to go up, but we find ourselves during volatile situations thinking the markets are always going to be like this. 


The markets are crashing! 

In reality, the markets won’t ever go to zero, there are regulations around this exact notion. There are trading halts to prevent markets from going to zero. For our clients, in a well diversified portfolio, hundreds of companies would have to go bankrupt all at once for your money to actually crash.

It’s happening to me!

Fact, you are not alone, everyone is experiencing what you are experiencing with your money.

I will never recover!

Truth: your portfolio has been stressed tested before we even invested a dime of your money. Your plan has been stress tested before we invested anything. The markets will recovery, you will recover. Just look at history!

When you feel out of control with the markets, I recommend focusing on what you can control and taking action.

  1. Tax Loss Harvesting! If you have money in non-retirement accounts, you can sell certain holdings and take the loss to help mitigate your taxes for the year. Schedule a call with this link to learn more: call link
  1. Check your mindset! Risk is ALWAYS a part of investing. If you can’t handle the risk now, you should re-evaluate your risk tolerance and your allocation. 
  1. Get your buy list ready! Let’s build for a strong recovery and build out your buy list for the stocks you’ve been wanting to buy because guess what! Everything is on sale at the moment!
  1. Reprioritize your expenses: let’s re-evaluate your expenses and see how you can lower your overhead to help during these volatile times. 
  1. Patience! Shift your focus onto what you can control, your emotions and mindset. These times never last, soon we will be recovering and thriving after a long period of volatility.

The truth is your money is safer when you invest with an advisor than in your own hands because our job as financial advisors is to remove the emotions from your decisions with money. But I also understand if you have questions, which is why I am opening up market and mindset office hours just for you. 

June 14th at 4 pm

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Jessica Weaver, CFP, CDFA, CFS

President of Women’s Wealth Boutique