Let’s pop the cork for National #pinkfix Day!

On May 17th, we invite you to join our #pinkfix Movement on National #pinkfix Day!

So what does #pinkfix mean?

#pinkfix started in February of 2018 when we launched the NEW version of our blog Not Your Father’s Advisor. We updated the old logo to our famous black and pink and added my Jessica Weaver logo in black and pink. I kept using the term get your pink fix by referring to the readers going to our website to gain what they needed that day to help them move forward with their money and life.

It has morphed into being so much more than that. I started adding #pinkfix for anything pink, which translated into anything to do with our work, our community, and even my family…especially my Andie Girl! I became known as the pink advisor, always showing up in my pink, pink lips, pink STRONG bracelets, and all! People would reference me when they wore pink, “Oh I’m just pulling a Jess Weaver.” It became its own entity…the #pinkfix!

When I began journaling about pinkfix, I wrote down these words:

Transformation, change, & level up

Financial control, stability, confidence, security, freedom, & stability

Value, self-worth, & net-worth

Mindset, beliefs, & behaviors

Strong, confident, fabulous, courageous, inspiring, & encouraging

And then I wrote down quickfix and put a HUGE X through it. I crossed it out and wrote pinkfix. You see, a quick fix is what we are always looking for, but it never ends up working for us. It’s a bandaid that works in the short term, but isn’t the REAL change we are looking for OR deserve. Then it hit me! My clients need a #pinkfix, that is what this is all about, a lasting change/impact/transformation on your life that you deserve and it all starts with your money.

#pinkfix is for: the widow, who just lost her husband and has no idea what to do with the money and how she’ll be able to support herself. For the corporate employee, who wants to retire without the fear of running out of money and be a burden on her kids. For the new mom, trying to juggle work, kids, and managing the money without losing her sanity! For the woman sandwiched between caring for her parents while supporting her children, and feels her own life is slipping away.

#pinkfix is a life reset button, a reset to your money, to your mind, to your life, to your goals. It can be anything that helps you live your best life by pushing you out of your comfort zone. It  raises the bar for your life, and challenges you in a positive way. It can be one BIG thing OR lots of little things that add up in a bigger way.

After reading this…do you need a #pinkfix in your life?

Most women think they need to have it all figured out first, BUT the women who have the most success know they need to take care of their money first so they can figure all the other stuff out with a sense of peace and security with their money.

Learn more about our community’s National Holiday at National #pinkfix Day!