Unleash the Power of Your Life Story, Create a Bestseller, and Ignite Your Business Empire!

Welcome to Legacy Launch, where we unlock the remarkable potential of your life story and guide you on an extraordinary journey towards becoming a bestselling author and a thriving entrepreneur.

This immersive coaching program takes you through a transformative process, empowering you to craft a captivating book that not only touches hearts but also propels your business to new heights.

From the pre-launch strategies that ignite anticipation and attract clients, to the meticulously curated book content that engages and converts your audience, and finally, to the exhilarating book launch that catapults you into the realm of bestsellers and opens doors to speaking engagements and endless opportunities.

It's time to unleash your legacy and leave an indelible mark on the world.

  • Build your book launch team
  • Align your budget
  • Create a call to action
  • Decide on your book's purpose
  • Learn how to get clients and prospects before you launch
  • Create buzz around your book
  • Table of contents
  • Stories to include
  • Chapter call to actions
  • Book bonuses
  • Sales funnel strategy
  • Title and subtitle
  • Foreword strategy
  • Back of book content
  • Becoming a best seller strategy
  • How to leverage your launch date
  • Key partnerships to build
  • Get booked for more speaking gigs
  • How to use book to convert prospects
  • Leverage your book assets
  • Build credibility
  • Using PR to your advantage
  • Appear on Women Behind the Millions Podcast
  • Best seller campaign
  • 2 bonus sessions recorded to create your book content
  • PR sessions: How to Gain Media Attention & Setting up Your Recording Environment for Media Attention
  • BONUS: Our exclusive MQU: PR training + From Best Seller to Booked Out training
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