Learn To Love Yourself and Your Money 

Mindful Money Management, what on earth does that mean?  Now what do I have to do with my money?  Can’t I just close my eyes, and it be worth three times as much?  If you know a secret and can do that, please let me know…you know where to find me!  If you can’t do that, you might want to keep reading.  Too many times we go through the everyday motions of life without really paying attention to what is going on around us.  We earn our paycheck, pay our bills (hopefully on time), save some for retirement, and move onto the next paycheck.  Repeat for 365 days, 52 weeks, 1 year, 5 years, and so on.  Then one day we look up, and wonder how did I get here?  Trust me, I’ve heard this hundreds of times.

oes this sound like you?  It sounds like me that is for sure.  I am absolutely,positively terrible at being in the present moment.  I buy something, and think no problem my next paycheck will cover it.  Then I think, when am I getting paid again?  Uh oh not for another 10 days!  Whoops, too late I already wore it. 

I’ll be honest, this was me about a year ago.  Before I started finding tools and exercises to help keep me present, to be mindful of my financial decisions, and to help open my eyes to the choices I really do have, but never thought I did.  And what is great for you (if you are like me), is this is the perfect time of the year to try it too.  Now I’m not saying what worked for me, will automatically work for you, but I am saying you deserve to find out if they might work.  That they might make you happier, and BONUS, might make you get on track with your financial goals and stay on track. 

So what I want you to do is think about what you love to avoid with your money or with your financial situation.  Is it having a hard conversation with your spouse about money?  Or maybe coming to grips with your debt, that your life-style might need some adjusting?  Or how about saying no to your children because you don’t want to disappoint them?  I get it, there are always things we want to avoid because they make us uncomfortable or maybe a little disappointed in ourselves or in our situation. 

But it is time to open your eyes to it, and stop wishing it away or avoiding it like the plague!  Stop paying your monthly bills late each month because you hate it.  Stop avoiding your 401(k), and start saving for retirement, because one day you will want to retire or you might even be forced to.  These things you like to avoid aren’t going away, sorry to burst a bubble on you.  If you need me to take your hand through it, I can help, and luckily we have an event to get you started, Learn to Love the 3Ms;Mindful Money Management.  Janet Matts, Principal, JBM LLC, and Executive Life Coach and I will be hosting a fun Valentine’s Day Event geared for women about being in the present moment on February 9th.  I truly believe Janet knows what she is talking about since she helped transform my life from some of the tools she gave me. 

Now if I haven’t convinced you to sign up yet, let me paint you a picture of a hypothetical case study about a single mom who woke up one day to a mountain of debt.  She has two girls, and the father isn’t in the picture much.  She works full time, as hard as she can to support her family, but the debt kept piling up.  She had big dreams when she started her career, and never envisioned her life to be where it is today.  Sure she loves her daughters, but the absentee father, the debt, and her limited paycheck were not part of her dream.  She never thought about the repercussions of using her credit cards, of not saving for her daughters’ colleges, of not saving for retirement, and of always saying yes to her children’s wants.  She just put her head down and continued onward, avoiding the mountain of debt piling up, the unpaid bills, and the non-existing emergency fund.  And forget about a retirement plan, that wasn’t even in her deck of cards. 

What happened after she woke up one day and finally said enough?  Well after some much needed wine, she decided she needs to make a change.  By utilizing the tools and exercises we will go over at our event, she started thinking before buying anything.  With the help of these tools, she opened her eyes to the possibilities out there every day for her, to either earn more income, spend less money, and make the most of the savings she does have.  Your situation might be different or not as severe, but you can make a decision for a change.  Stop avoiding it, and sign up now.

It’s time to start making the most of your money today, so you can have the tomorrow you really want.  It isn’t just going to happen for you, it requires the right tools, the right strategies, and the right mindset.  So register today to get started, we can’t wait to help give you the essential methods to start living for today.

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Learn to Love the 3 Ms: Mindful Money Management

To get you started here is a great mindful exercise to try:

“From time to time, notice your breathing. Notice your posture. 
Notice the length of your spine.
Notice the points of contact between your body and the chair, floor, ground.
Notice your clothes touching your body.
Notice the sounds around you.
Notice the nearest sound you can hear.
Notice the furthest away sound you can hear.
Now notice your breathing again.”

Jessica Weaver, CFP®, CDFA™, CFS®
Wealth Advisor

ny opinions are of Jessica Weaver and not necessarily those of Raymond James.  The above is a hypothetical example for illustration purposes only.
Raymond James is not affiliated with Janet Matts, Principal, JBM, LLC and Executive Life Coach.