Learn the Power of Your Mind

The Power of Your Mind
by Traci Blank, FIBH, CMS-CHt, CPC

We see patterns throughout the world.  We see patterns in our thoughts, in our behaviors, in the people we surround ourselves with, even in the things we give our focus and attention to.  We can usually even predict what will happen next based on these patterns.  It stands to reason then that these patterns are deeply ingrained within us – deeply imprinted in our mind, our subconscious mind. 

These patterns come from our programming.  As you may be aware, our programming affects everything about our world, how we see it, how we act and react, the emotions we have, etc.  Basically, it predicts our patterns. Many have tried to change their patterns through conscious awareness and change.  For some this works, but for the majority, they eventually slide back into our programming.  To make true lasting change, we must make the change on the subconscious mind. 

The subconscious mind is only one of three parts of the mind.  We have our conscious mind, which holds our analysis, reasoning, will, volition – basically the running monologue in our head that we are aware of as we go through our day.  There is the subconscious mind which holds numerous things including the automatic functions of our body, our imagination, emotions, memories, and programming.  The third part of our mind is the superconscious, which holds our problem-solving intelligence, our connections to others, love, etc.; for many this might be akin to our soul.  The superconscious lives in the subconscious mind. 

In between the conscious and subconscious minds is the critical factor.  The critical factor develops between the ages of 7 and 11, and after that time, it is our filtering system for how we see and perceive our world.  When an idea comes into our minds, the critical factor checks the subconscious mind to see if this idea matches our programming – what we already hold to be “the truth”.  If it matches, it lets it in which reinforces the belief.  If it doesn’t match, then it kicks it back to the conscious mind for more analysis.  In this way, our minds only allow in that which reinforces what we already believe is the truth.  That is why it is so difficult for people to change their patterns without going to the subconscious mind.  But how do we do that?

There are five ways that information passes through the critical factor once it is fully developed: authority figures, peer groups, emotional situations, repetition, and altered state.  I use the altered state of hypnosis with my clients to bypass the critical factor.  In the natural, yet altered state of hypnosis, we can input new programming, uncover the programming that already exists, and change the current programming.  All this is done during hypnotherapy sessions. 

There are many myths about hypnotherapy – that only weak-minded people can be hypnotized, that I’ll make you cluck like a chicken or rob a bank, that you won’t remember what you did, etc.  The truth is that hypnotherapy is a natural, yet altered state that everyone has the ability to go into and actually does go into every day.  Hypnotherapy is knowing how your mind works and using that to change our own programming.  All hypnotherapy is self-hypnosis meaning that it will only work on those who want to go into hypnosis that if you don’t want to you won’t, just like if you don’t want to make a change in your life then you won’t.  Hypnotherapy is actually an amazing way to make the life you want, the life you have.  Hypnotherapy is real and comes from science, it’s just relaxing the critical factor to access the subconscious mind. 

If you would like to change your patterns and see the world differently, it’s time to make some changes to your subconscious mind.  Awareness of your programming and a conscious effort through positive affirmations, reversals of negative thoughts, etc is a great place to start on your own.  To take it to the next level, look into trying hypnotherapy. 
Traci Blank, FIBH, CMS-CHt, CPC is a medical support clinical hypnotherapist who specializes in anxiety.  Her company, Tracing Your Path Hypnotherapy, LLC is located in Somerville, NJ.  If you have any questions about the mind or hypnotherapy contact Traci through her website 

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