Imposter Syndrome: Learning to Love Yourself

If you don’t feel like you are enough, then your money will never feel like it’s enough. One area of lack or scarcity in your life will always lead to a lack of money in your life. 

We just had an accountability check in with our team of advisors. I asked if any of them felt like they weren’t enough. Immediately, they all raised their hands, I raised my own hand. All weekend long I felt like I wasn’t enough. This is a feeling that can quickly spiral negatively in your life as your mind will begin to filter through everything to find more proof of how you are always falling short in life. This was me as I sat down next to my daughter who was fighting the stomach bug. I didn’t feel like I was a good enough mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, advisor, leader, and on it went. 

Where does it stem from? When you feel like you are falling short, it may be for a few reasons, so let’s dissect:

You have guilt over something, you haven’t forgiven yourself, you are denying yourself trust. This lack of trust in who you are results in a whole lot of doubt. You doubt yourself and your capabilities in this world, what you bring to the table. 

This is coming up in your life as you stand in between the new you and the old you. You’re on the verge of hitting a new level of wealth, success, or happiness and you are doubting if you deserve it. You aren’t sure if you can trust the success, you have an inner feeling of going for the next level only to fail. 

I was interviewed on a podcast this morning for Thrive Women Media, and the host asked me about imposter syndrome. I explained that imposter syndrome isn’t something you fix and get over once, sorry it’s not! It’s something that will come up every time you decide to take a risk and level up. It’s your subconscious trying to keep you in your old ways and patterns, it tries to prevent you from growing. I receive constant emails from clients, friends, and even the financial advisors who manage millions of dollars. They feel like an imposter. Why are even the most successful women dealing with imposter syndrome? 

I decided to look at it in a new light, a new perspective. What if imposter syndrome isn’t something we should shy away from but rather as a sign that you are taking risks and going big in life. When you feel like an imposter at work, with your money, or even at home, don’t resist those feelings. What you resist persists. Instead, let yourself feel them. What is the worst case scenario? What does it look like if you do fail? You can trust me when I say that even if you fail, you are still here, still standing. You learned a lot, you have hands on experience that you can now help others prevent. You just made yourself more valuable to the world. Now let’s switch it and see what is the best case scenario? What if your endeavor takes off and explodes in growth? What if it’s better than your wildest dreams? Going through both scenarios, you’ll quickly fall into where your energy is. If your energy is in the failing scenario, now you know what your intuition is telling you. Trust your intuition. But if your energy is in the latter scenario, you know you are being called to a higher purpose. Trust this. 

How can you turn self doubt, imposter syndrome, or feel like you are not enough into a positive? How can you lean into the worry and stress that comes along with these feelings? Knowing deep down that they are all signs of you growing and moving past your problems?

If you need help, this is exactly what Confessions of a Money Queen dives into. It’s an instruction manual to reprogram your mind during these trying times. 

In the book you’ll see quick shifts such as meditation, gratitude work, and vision exercises can shift your reality within minutes. And isn’t it more fun to dream big than to stay stuck in worry and shame? Go ahead girl, stop doubting yourself and embrace who you are, how you show up!