I’m staring at the most beautiful mountains I’ve ever seen

I’m sitting on a leather chair with a glass of crisp rose in my hand staring at the most beautiful mountains I’ve ever seen. I just landed in Montana with my husband for our anniversary, it’s been 7 years since we’ve gotten married and the last 2 years have been a new test to our relationship. Heck it’s been a test for us all! We had our second child on New Year’s Eve of 2018, enrolled him in daycare with his sister, and within weeks, everything gets shut down. No no no, this can’t happen, I have such high expectations for my business! Every week I’d call the daycare to see if they knew when they would be opening up. Then 3 months later (which felts like 3 years), our daycare never opens, but we find another daycare with 2 spots for our son and daughter. Now fast forward and the covid ramifications are still present, inflation skyrocketing, the stock markets melting down, bonds are horrible, and the real estate market insane.

Yes, we are all dealing with so much these days. I stare at the mountains, I can almost not even look at them because I feel like I’ve climbed these mountains everyday. Looking at them makes me feel so very tired, exhausted, and depleted. No I do not want to climbed them again. I climb everyday I talk a client off the edge from the horrible stock markets. I climbed them every time I got a NO from compliance. I climbed them everytime I took 1 step forward, only to fall back 5 steps. No my latest endeavor as my one client called it, starting an all women financial firm. This has been my biggest mountain to date!

When I started my search on how to launch our very own all women RIA, Registered Investment Advisor Firm, I was hit with so many men telling me I can’t do it. In fact, it always seemed to be men on the other side of the phone. I kept thinking, where are the women? The men did not seem to understand my vision, God’s vision for our platform. They would tell me to do it their way! Hah no way will I ever work under a man’s vision for my firm ever again. Yet despite the odds, despite what all the men were saying, here we are. We made it, it is built and the women are coming!

I heard God saying to me as I stared at the whtie capped mountains of the Rockies, it is not about the trip up the mountain. It is not about getting to the top, because really, what is the point of the top anyway? Only another mountain to climb. No! The point is to be able to stare at that mountain and be grateful for all of its beauty. To stare at the journey and be grateful for all the beauty that journey brings to your life. 

The beauty is YOU becoming the person you have always meant to be. The beauty is realizing your worth. The beauty is understanding who you are. The beauty is saying no to those who no longer serve you. 

The journey allows you to become the person ready to receive all that you desire, all that you have asked for. Without the journey, there is no beauty. You fall into alignment with your desires while you are climbing. You learn the important lessons of the climb. You learn to be grateful for the little things, which only brings more things to be grateful for. 

I have to say on my trip, I was anxious because I know that though we’ve climbed the tallest mountain to date, there was another one I have to climb. I kept thinking of all that awaited me on our return from the trip. So I began to go through my emails and voicemails, I started replying to them, and I stopped being on my trip. Mentally I was back home at work with my boss lady hat on. I felt the stress creeping in, and it only made me feel worse. I hate bringing work with me on a trip that I so badly needed to destress and detach. I slept horrible the entire time I was away, the stress was prevalent. Then on my last night of sleep, on my hundredth time rolling over, I heard God say to me, this was what you needed to learn: to allow things to be out of your control. To trust despite not being able to control. 

Can you let go and trust? Even if you aren’t seeing the results you desire yet, can you trust they are just a breath away? Whenever things aren’t working the way you want them, it’s an issue with trust. What are you not trusting? Where are you not leading? Where are you not making decisions?

Use these questions to find the block in your life and open you up to expansion!