If you want more prosperity in your life then you’ll need to give yourself some TLC!

I’ve been on a journey to become a better person, which I feel like you’ve been on with me! So first, thank you for joining me here each and every week. I appreciate you so much, I thank God for you everyday, and I’m so happy for this opportunity to help you. I’ve gotten more and more religious through the years, I always considered myself to be religious. I went to 9 years of Catholic school, baptized my children, and prayed every night. Yet as I became a mother, the guilt sank in from so many areas, guilt for being at work and leaving my children with someone else. The guilt when I was home with my children, yet felt like I should be at work. I felt like I wasn’t a good wife, a good advisor, and a good mom all at once. Have you ever felt like that? 

If I was doing well at work, I was struggling at home. If I was supermom at home, I was screwing up at work! What a fast moving pendulum I was swinging on everyday! YIKES! So what changed? I worked on my relationship with myself by focusing on God and His love for me. You see, God doesn’t care if I mess up at work or at home, He just loves me. This realization completely changed my guilt, it actually made it non-existent. So when I hear other mom’s complaining about  mom guilt, I feel for them. But I also want them to know their children love them so much, and they won’t remember the mess up years later. They will also learn that they can mess up and it’ll be ok, that as parents we will still love them. 

Another miracle happened that shifted my work! I saw first hand that the more time I dedicated to God and His work, the more time I got back. I’d go to church on the way to work, and somehow I still got everything done at work while having time left over! I bring this up because it is the same with your money. The more you focus on your money and the opportunities to make more to give your life freedom! Freedom from being handcuffed to your paycheck! Freedom to leave your job, leave a bad relationship, freedom to move! 

Almost every woman who works with me begins to earn more money within months of our money partnership. It is the universe rewarding her for the time she put in to make her money right. To implement the right money systems so that financial windfall actually does something for her life, her family’s life! YOU start to prioritize YOU and what YOU want. The more you are focused on this, the distractions will fall away, the negativity falls away, and the people who drain you fall away. The obstacles remove themselves, how amazing! It all begins to make sense and your money seamlessly works FOR you and not AGAINST you. 

Kat from our Money Empire Program witnessed this first hand. She never paid much attention to her money, she was intimidated by it, and stressed because she thought she was so far behind on it. After becoming an “adult” with her money, she focused on doing just 1 task a month to improve her financial situation. Within 3 months, she has grown her net worth by $39,000. By doing these small things CONSISTENTLY has put her on a whole new trajectory for her life, for her family. She’s hired more people at her job so she has more time at home, she’s able to buy her dream house, and she’s finally saving for retirement and college for her girls. Now her daughters look at their mom in a new light, she’s their mentor, and she’s teaching them that when you get involved with your money, you are actually prioritizing YOURSELF and your future. 

Kat isn’t the only one who felt behind with her finances, check out these statistics! 

According to a US Census Bureau study released in 2017 and conducted in 2014:

✓- A person under the age of 55 is 69.7% likely to have zero net worth, or negative net worth. 

✓- An estimated 54% of all households in the United States have less than $100,000 in net worth. 

✓- 83% of all “under 35” households had a net worth less than $100,000. 

✓- A person in the 35–44 age range has a median net worth of $18,197 excluding home equity. 

✓- A person in the age 45–54 group has a median net worth of $38,626, excluding home equity.

For your new path forward, can you be like Kat and focus on one task a month to move forward? For this new year, can you put together a 90 day plan? You can begin here:

  1. First step is to write down your goals.
  2. Give them a deadline.
  3. Do the money math! Make your goals measurable and break them down based on your timeline.
  4. Focus on small tasks everyday that get you closer to your goals and on time!

For step #4, book a Money Making Discovery Call with me so we can identify the tasks that will bring you success as efficiently as possible so you won’t be wasting your time. You don’t have to do it all alone, take advantage of the resources available to you!