I woke up this morning feeling very confused…

I woke up this morning very confused. How could I feel so happy in this moment of my life yet have this huge internal pull for more? Have you ever felt that way? I love my life, I love my family, my house, my work, I truly have all that I ever wanted yet there is a deep feeling of not enough that there is more out there for me. I began to journal on it while listening to Abraham Hicks, if you haven’t listened to her on Youtube, check her out! On a daily basis I can picture this other life, this multi million dollar life, where my business leads me onto National TV, to a billion dollar women’s financial firm, the Women’s Wealth Boutique. But here I am in the present so satisfied and fulfilled. I feel like a ping pong ball going back and forth between 2 feelings: satisfied vs yearning for more. 

The need for more has become resistance, this barrier or even fear of what more will bring to my life because in my deep subconscious I think more money or more opportunities equals more work. And I am extended and exhausted as is, I cannot take on more work. Then I think well I can take on more work with more staff, but I have to train the staff and have the money to pay the staff. It becomes a downward spiral of overwhelm, stress, and exhaustion. I can’t be the only woman feeling this way so here I am writing to you, my dear reader. Do you struggle with the balance or the tug of war between staying put in where you are today versus going for it all? And what truly is it all? Maybe that is what I am more scared of, going to the next level only to find out when I am there that I was happier before…

Or maybe I have found the key to being happy while on the journey. What I do know is that life has always worked out for me, God is always working for my favor. So if life and God are working, why do I feel like I have to work so hard? Why do I feel like I have to do the heavy lifting? The key is to figure out who is doing the work and who is on the receiving end. 

In the bible, the verse: “Ask and you shall receive” comes to mind. Can I rewrite my subconscious to think more money, more opportunities, more impact in this world doesn’t require more work on my end but rather more faith and trust. Because you really are shifting from trying to take the world on all by yourself, to releasing it all to God. God gets to figure out how to make it happen. God gets to align all the right doors that will be opened for you. So if God is opening the door, He does the heavy lifting, then you just have to walk on through. Heck you can dance through the door, I bet God would love that! 

First you have to shed light on all these barriers preventing you from trusting in God. My list is quite long, let’s take a look! 

  • I was always taught you have to work hard. 
  • Society has taught me that working hard means working longer hours. 
  • Because I worked for my father for so many years, I felt the need to work harder and longer to prove myself, that I was just given money but worked hard for the opportunity. 
  • I have a deep belief that if I’m not working hard my team members will resent me or not respect me. 
  • The notion that the hustle is exciting and fun and that makes the end so much better!
  • Taking a day off means something won’t get done in time. 

I could go on and on, but I’m curious as to which ones resonate with you. Drop me an email: jessica@jessicaweaver.com because I need to know I’m not the only one!

I’ve gone through quite a journey to rewrite these barriers into doors that open. Imagine if your barrier is just a closed door waiting for you to knock so God can open it. I began by getting in touch with my inner child who was screaming for attention! Do you ever have a week from hell and you find yourself on the couch binging ice cream or chocolate or wine? Yep, that my friend is your inner child acting out after having too much responsibility for the week. I then cut the cords from all the people who implanted the beliefs written above, and I’ll show you how to do the same. We can cut your ex husband who still takes up way too much space in your mind. We can cut your father or mother who taught you to be so frugal you feel guilty whenever you buy something. We can cut the cord to them all to remove your barriers, releasing them so you can now receive. I find my inner power source that always fills my well up full whenever I need money, energy, or gratitude. You then become a power source for those around you so everyone gets to receive blessings. Oh I love this work so much, so much that we are celebrating the one year anniversary of my meditation course: LIFT

To celebrate, we are re-launching LIFT for half off for the month of August, use code LIFTUP! Why? Because we have seen so much transformation from all our advisors who have taken the course and how much their clients have changed because of the work as well that we are opening it up to YOU!  

To rewrite these beliefs, you can go to my money meditation course: LIFT as they have helped so many women in our community overcome these barriers and rewrite the script in their subconscious. I keep thinking of one of our advisors who recently began LIFT. She felt this HUGE pull to give herself some loving and self care during her second week in LIFT so she booked a massage. Not only was the massage amazing, she always received a new friend and client, the massage therapist herself! To make it even better, the massage therapist was her ideal client, and now Lauren is ecstatic to get massages, earn more money, and have a new friend. 

It truly is a miracle when we ask and simply receive. I love hearing these declarations of money miracles! Keep track of them because they will instantly put you in alignment for more. What I mean by this is the more you feel good about money and receiving, the more you just feel good in general, you will receive.