I Began to Tear Up Thinking How My World Has Changed

Here I go again! On another plane to Florida to reunite with my ladies! I’ve known my business coach Robyn Crane for almost six years now and I’m flying down to see all the women financial advisors for the weekend. I begin to tear up thinking of how my world has changed. I first walked into a weekend like this in a black business suit, hair pulled back, and no idea what the journey God had in store for me. After 2 babies, 3 book babies, new courses, a press tour, TV appearances, and growing my business 400%, I can say it was all worth it. The fights, the struggles, the confrontations, the tears, yes it was all worth it.

Your struggle has been worth it! Your fight has made you stronger! Your journey has rewarded you with the best thing of all, creating a stronger, more loving and forgiving, more graceful version of you. You stand up taller when you think of all that you’ve overcome. A bad marriage, an abusive relationship, foreclosure, losing your job, saying goodbye to a loved one. 

We all have these times when life wants to break us. And there are moments we almost want life to break us just to be done with the pain. I was in this moment a year ago. I had just transitioned to a new financial firm, getting settled with new technology to learn, onboarding new clients, and also dealing with a new virtual world. I was so happy and excited the hard work was over, we had done the transition, and that’s when the fear I had been avoiding crept up. Have you ever had a moment when you wanted something to work so badly, but deep down you knew, you just knew nope. You force it, you try so hard, you pretend all is good. 

This was me, as the spring came, my fears were proven correct after my new firm’s compliance department began to take away all of my activities that they had approved. All they wanted was for me to join their firm so they approved my books, my websites, my courses, and once I was over, they took it all away. It might just seem like books and courses to you, but to me they are my legacy, my purpose, and my babies. So I went into fight it flight mode! I fought meeting after meeting. And when I was exhausted of fighting, I wanted to flight and run away. Yes I came very close to wanting to sell my business and be done with it all. I’m afraid and very nervous to admit this to you, but this was my low point. 

Thank goodness to my husband who took me in his arms with tears streaming down my face and said:

“Jess, you took on all these clients because of your mission, to empower and educate women with their money. You can’t give up on it now.” 

It was exactly what I needed to hear! And it’s what you need to hear now!

The world still needs you! God needs you to step into your power and greatness! It has always been God’s desire and it is now YOUR decision. You have two roads in front of you, you can continue down your current path, OR you can let God in and decide you are worthy of it all. By worthy of it all I mean, all the success you’ve ever dreamed of! Yes that million dollars or that dream house or the beach vacation house or being on National TV or retiring with no financial worries or stress. Of.It.All!

God lined up calls with two women financial advisors who showed me how to build a framework that support my endeavors and mission. Another showed me how to build a partner firm with my father’s firm so I can continue to blossom my vision and it not impact him anymore. For the first time I could see that I can save my relationship with my father and not feel guilty for wanting more. 

And that’s when my 8 month journey of creating an all women financial firm began! As I started the research, it was incredible how many women financial advisors found me. Dealing with the same issues as me, a difficult firm to work with, an overpowering dominance led by their ego, being shut down for wanting to write a book or launch a course or just to brand yourself! They all felt the same as me, stuck in a box, gasping for air, and fighting for a way out. The Women’s Wealth Boutique became their way out, for them and for me.

Now with our doors open as an RIA, a registered investment advisor firm, we are onboarding 2 to 3 women advisors a month. This was always how it was meant to be and I’m taking this moment to feel complete satisfaction and gratitude for it all. It is all I ever wanted and it is here. Every morning I write down how grateful I am for all that God has surrounded me with! For my clients, my team, our financial advisors, our community, the Money Council women, our followers, but especially for the love every woman brings to our firm. A firm built out of love, freedom, values, gratitude, and of course God.

I’m so grateful for my husband’s words, I’m so grateful for you! I will never leave you, I will always be here standing up for you and your worth. I now know my mission is to change the financial industry for our women clients and for women financial advisors and I will stop at nothing!