How to turn your daily to do lists into a goal producing machine!

It’s Monday morning, and I am dedicating myself to 30 days of journaling. I began a series of 30 day challenges to build to my journaling challenge, first was 30 days of yoga, next was 30 days of meditation. And today is day 1 of journaling for 5 minutes a day. If you want to join my mind, body, and soul challenge, here are the resources I used to make it super easy and efficient! 

Helpful Resources!

App: Insight Timer, it is free and easy to use with hundreds of guided meditations with different time lengths.

Youtube: 30 days of yoga with Kassandra, great yoga for beginner to intermediate! I’m not flexible AT ALL and loved how good I felt after each session.

I’ve been reading a ton on the mental benefits of journaling. It creates new pathways in your brain, helps you focus and organize, as well as sort through your emotions. My emotions lately have been that of a roller coaster, what about you? 😉

So today I began to push myself in terms of success, what kind of success am I after?

I am definitely not after the kind of success when you have to work nonstop all day and night. I hope you are not after that kind of success either!

But I found something I can work with:


And then another positive result, and another positive result.


But check this out: the positive result can be 3 different things:

1. The result is a learning experience after getting a result you did not want. Such as: you tried to save more money, but you ended up spending more. From this you learned: that money saving technique doesn’t work with your money personality. Now you learn of a new technique that does work with your money personality.

2. The result is exactly the result you were after. You set up a separate savings account far away from your checking account so it is harder to tap into, now you automatically save every month. You now have $3,000 saved up!

3. The result is even better than you ever imagined! Now you are so excited for how much you saved, and you want to save even more! You start tracking your expenses, lowering those and are saving $1,000 a month. You are now months away from your dream house when before it was over a decade away. 

Can I ask you, what kind of success are you after? Would love to hear your response!! 

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