How to Tackle Your Never Ending To-Do List

Doesn’t it seem like a never ending to do list, and just when you cross one thing off another 20 items get added? I was driving to a doctor’s appointment and there seemed to be a new reminder at every light. Oh right, I need a haircut, but what kind of cut do I want? I need to figure that out first. Oh yea, I need a car wash, but I need to get some cash first. Duh, I need to get my dogs nails clipped, but I need to talk with my husband to see when he can watch our daughter so I can bring him. My dog is terrible with getting his nails clipped and having a 3 month old with me to do this sounds like a nightmare!

So much to do, so little time, and as you can see I have an excuse of why to keep putting them off. You can talk yourself out of anything, I know I can talk myself out of anything like why clean the house if I’m only going to mess it up with glitter as I decorate for Christmas. But if you always have an excuse, then you will never tackle that item.

This is especially true when it comes to your money. I’m busy until New Year, so I will deal with it then. I’m traveling too much, so I will deal with it in a year. I’m not sure if I truly want a divorce so I’ll wait until I have that figured out first. Meanwhile, your debt is piling up, your savings are being depleted, and you are further and further from your goals and happiness.

I see it all the time. Women know they need help, but they get in their own way and talk themselves out of it. One woman, we will call her Lisa, came to a divorce workshop I hosted, and she has been unhappy in her marriage for 20 years. 20 YEARS! That is a LONG time to be unhappy, and yet she still didn’t know if she wanted to get a divorce. She felt so motivated for her new possible life after the workshop and signed up for a Discovery Call with me to jump-start it. But then Lisa got in her own way and explained she needs to really think about her next step, that it was all too overwhelming for her and wanted to wait to do the call. Guess what happened next? I don’t know since she still has yet to schedule a call, and it has been over a year.

What if she had done the call? Well my goal for any Discovery Call is to help you gain clarity over what you want for the next stage of your life, whether it is divorce, retirement, or career change. And she could have used the call to help simplify everything that overwhelmed her. She could have gained clarity over what her next step was and keep the momentum going from the workshop. That momentum could have brought her to living the life she deserves and wants to live INSTEAD of staying stuck in an unhappy marriage for another year, 5 years, 10 years.

By going through with the call, we could have prioritized her to do list and got her feeling like she was back in control. Just like with my own to do list, I’d love to have someone there to tell me: do this one first, then that one. Schedule it NOW so you follow through with it. Schedule the haircut and then think about what type of style you want. Schedule the nail appointment now before you forget and then talk with your husband.

his is what I can do for my clients. I can help them prioritize their wants, create a plan, and tell them exactly what to do and when to do it. The goal is for you to have one less thing to worry about, one less thing that is overwhelming to you, and by crossing out this HUGE task on your list: MONEY, you’ll probably be crossing off a whole lot more. Because once you are in control over your money, everything else seems to fall into place.

Lisa might have been uncomfortable when it came to dealing with her unhappy marriage. It was probably scary to her and by scheduling the call, it meant divorce was real. So she put it off and stayed in her “comfort zone” which was an unhappy marriage. It goes back to our flight or fight mentality and how we would rather flee because it seems “safe.” But in the end what is safe? Safe is being stuck.

So I ask you, what is keeping you in the “safe” or stuck zone? How can you propel yourself forward, moving in the direction of the life you want for 2018? Schedule a Discovery Call to get the momentum started instead of wasting another year like Lisa did. Let’s just have a conversation about what it is you want and gain clarity over your next move. You don’t need to know all the answers, we will find them during the call or help you gain clarity what they truly are.

If you don’t do it now, you might never get the courage to take control over your life. So go ahead, I dare you!