How to say no to the bad opportunities and find the right opportunities for prosperity! 

I turned down money today, a whole lot of money! 

It becomes easy to say no to opportunities when you know your purpose in life and what your worth is. I recently said no to money, like who does that? It was scary as anything, I felt like I was leaving my safety blanket, my security, yet I knew I had to do it to fly. AND wow was I ready to fly! I have 10 women I am enrolling into our LIFT program this week, so flying was the requirement! 

I never would have said no to money before, I always felt like I wasn’t good enough at my job, always had to hit the pavement running, always put more time into work. One day I realized it was other people’s insecurities and fears being projected onto me, and I was letting it happen. People would say to me, you always have to be at your desk for emergencies, you always have to return every email and call immediately, you always have to be available. Well I did that, and I found myself working only to monitor emails, and while I was always available, I was also never available for my family, for myself, or for God. 


Are you available to yourself, to your loved ones, to God?

If not, what is getting in the way? Work, relationships, your to do list?

I do work hard, so hard, but working round the clock isn’t working hard, it’s working insanity! You can work so hard, yet do it in small increments throughout the day. You work really hard just like me, working 12 hours a day or 4 hours a day doesn’t change your work ethic. But working 4 hours a day can lead to a much healthier and happier life outside of work. You’ll end up working for more years because you won’t have burnout that I see with every woman approaching their retirement. Barely making it out of their careers alive! 

Now I know how I want to work, which made it easy to say no to money that was taking me away from my own rights to live by! Check out my latest book: Confessions of a Money Queen, for more information on this! It was invigorating saying no to an opportunity that wasn’t suiting my purpose anymore. Still the fear of losing that security blanket made me stay at this opportunity for years. How did I eventually get over the fear? By understanding by worth, and flexing my worthy muscle! I had to do exercises to build on my worth, to accept my worth. Accepting your true worth is scary because you know you will have to make changes, and any change is threatening to your livelihood, your way of life. Most women laugh when I do these exercises at first, they don’t see it for themselves because they’ve been complacent for so long. They don’t even know how much they’ve settled, it’s just become a part of our society. 

Here’s a sample exercise:

Write down your salary. Double it. Double it again. I want you to reflect on the number staring back at you until you accept it for your worth. Repeat this exercise once the number becomes comfortable to you so you are always putting a higher value on yourself to grow into. 

I know because I was there for years and years. It took an amazing coach to break me of this habit, to think of all that is possible instead of just what I knew was possible. I can be your coach to break you of your old patterns and habits. Without knowing my purpose and worth, I never would have stood in my power, in my ability to say no to something that wasn’t serving me anymore. Now I get to receive 10 amazing women into LIFT this week, they are so powerful, yet they shy from their power and their worth. They have been living in denial of it for so long. I’m so grateful for these women, to be guiding part of their path forward. They have so much to give the world, and embracing their purpose and worth is the first step into their Greatness. 

Are you ready for Greatness?

I lost my power because people were constantly telling me no or what I’m supposed to be. It took a long time to lose my power, but all it took was a decision to claim my power back and stand in it. I invite you to stand in your power today, make a decision to live by your own rights, and trust yourself. You will make it out, you will thrive, and you are so worth it my friend. 

Are you ready to claim your power and prosperity?