How to Raise Your Life to the Next Level.

Do you believe there is a next level for your life? That you can bring your life and those around you to a greater being, more significant life, where you feel challenged in a good way. Do you have a positive impact on those around you on a weekly, daily, or hourly basis?

Do you dream to inspire? Live a significant life?

But what does that actually mean? What does that even look like?

If you are CURIOUS, come with me on a journey to unraveling what your life could look like.

Come with me, just as you are, no hiding your flaws, trouble spots, or fears. Bring all your money secrets, baggage, and issues, because we will need to unwrap each one. Put them all in a safe place, so you can move forward. The time is now for this journey! Not tomorrow, or maybe one day, but TODAY. If you don’t find the time now to do it, will you ever find the time?

The BIG secret is there is NO perfect moment to start this journey. You can’t wait until you hit a certain salary, amount in your savings, or get through a rough patch in your life. There is no magical time to begin, the best time to begin is NOW! Find out how to get started by taking our quick QUIZ!

As we start our journey together, I want you to think back to the scariest time you had with your money. A moment when you felt so vulnerable, insecure, and in such a state of fear. Can you think of it? Picture it and feel your emotions. Not fun is it huh? But so necessary so you can make a commitment right now to NEVER let that happen again. You are taking the first step to become accountable to stop living in survival mode, to live comfortable with your money and life.

Moving from SURVIVAL mode to COMFORTABLE starts with your mind. When you get stuck on the busy and brook hamster wheel, it is so hard to get off because you think you don’t have time to even think about anything else. You’re so busy right? Take a few minutes right now and write down all your thoughts you have when you think about money. How many are negative and how many are positive? Rewrite all of your negative ones and make them positive. This is a great first step to rewriting your Money Mantra, which is what we call it in my book: Strong Woman Stronger Assets.

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If you feel COMFORTABLE with your money now, then how do you move to the SUCCESS level? Staying in the comfortable level is one of the riskiest AND easiest things to do. You get so comfortable being well comfortable! It’s convenient, familiar, and you can get so complacent with your life because it is just easy! Now is the time to reach out for help to someone who will push you, challenge you in a positive way. Because in order to reach success you have to be ready to get uncomfortable, so uncomfortable that you want to go back to that nice and cozy comfortable level. You’ll want to go back so much that you need someone to hold you accountable to keep reaching, keep stretching, and push you forward. My business coach Robyn Crane did just this when I hired her to work with me. I’ve lived the most uncomfortable years since I met her, but I wouldn’t change any of it! If she wasn’t there pushing me, my book wouldn’t be here, my Strong Retirement Club would never have been created, and I would not be living my best life. Who will push you and who will hold you accountable, it can be the same person or 2 different people! I will push you, and together we will hold each other accountable so I’m serving you my best and you are implementing what I give you. We are both executing YOUR plan together to get you to beyond the SUCCESS level and right up to the SIGNIFICANT level in YOUR life!

Congratulations, you are now entering the most life changing phase of your life…the SIGNIFICANT phase. My favorite of all stages because it goes from being about YOU to being about all those around you, YOUR impact on the world around you! I’m not working with you to just help you, I want to work with you to help all those around you, your family, loved ones, and even your own clients. Take a moment and step back from your busy life, are you living your purpose? Are you doing what God put you on this earth to do? What type of impact are you having on people around you on a daily basis? Ready to make a REAL impact, a lasting impact, beyond your life? It’s time to get serious and talk! I invite you to find out how our Strong Retirement Club can help get you the answers to these questions while having the guidance, knowledge, and support you need to make the LASTING impact!

Are you curious yet? Want to know more about our community? Do you think there is another level for your life?

It comes down to this one question, the RIGHT question:

Are you ready to bring your life to the next level?

The time is NOW to take action, ready for our call? I am!

Grab your spot NOW by booking a call to sit with other ladies that might be in the same place you are.