How to put boundaries between work life and personal life to prioritize your health and save you thousands in retirement money

Do you feel lost, overwhelmed, and frustrated at work?

Most women come to me because they come to a point in their life when they’ve lost themselves. 

Have you ever felt like you’ve lost a piece of yourself, a piece of your identity? I have!

They no longer know what makes them happy, what interests them, because they’ve lost themselves in their work, in their family, and in their business. You wake up one day, and don’t like what you see in the fact you don’t recognize yourself anymore! The stress from your work makes you gain weight, less active than you’d like to be, and too tired to get moving again! This leads to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and not having time or energy for yourself anymore. 

They just don’t like who they are and find themselves more negative than they want to be, snapping more, and are acting out more and more! I witnessed this myself one day when my daughter pushed me to my breaking point. I snapped at her, and the look on her face I will never forget. It was a look like she didn’t recognize me, a look of shock. It wasn’t her fault, she was just being a two year old challenging my every move. It wasn’t my fault either, just like this isn’t your fault. It was the combination of starting back at work after having a baby in addition to my toddler. The stress of making it all work, and not letting anyone down made me into a person I don’t want to be. 

It begins to affect our mental health as we get more frustrated, stressed, and anxious. Then it affects our physical health. I’m a witness to this as my neck is spasming out while I type this blog post! All my Strong Retirement Club members talked about the symptoms they face when they deal with stressful situations. One would break out, one would gain weight, and another would be back on her high blood pressure medication. We openly spoke about our biggest health issues to find out we aren’t alone. Every one of us has dealt with it, but never spoke out about it. They were all relieved to have a safe and trusting environment to discuss their biggest health issues and how to overcome them!

That is exactly why we dedicate an entire section in our Strong Retirement Club to health! 

Without our health, our money is nothing! 

And your health affects your money because a decline in health can cost money…a LOT of money! Health costs us money. What’s worse than money?

Health can rob us of our retirement money, but also our precious retirement days! 

How about you are on a trip you have been dreaming and saving for your entire life, then you have a health scare? Your knee is in so much pain that you can’t leave your hotel room. Has this thought ever crossed your mind?

This is why it is so important to not just focus on the money, but on your health, your lifestyle, your legacy in our Strong Retirement Club. They are all intertwined in our lives, and this is what makes us so different than any other retirement plan. 

Are we happier when we feel healthy? YES! 

So why not go into retirement the healthiest you have ever been?

How much is your health worth to you? Have you thought about the impact health has on retirement? Let’s talk about money and health since they go hand in hand. And I want you to have a very long, happy, and healthy retirement so you can enjoy all those hard earned dollars. To maintain your health, costs money, but it will also be cheaper to be proactive with your health than reactive. Get a health and fitness coach or a plan together to get healthy and maintain your health! Next budget into your retirement how much medicare will cost you, how much a supplemental plan will cost you. Lastly, find out in your area how much a nursing home or assisted living facility would cost you each month. How will you pay for a facility if you need extra care? Aren’t sure, let’s talk! 

Don’t believe me yet? Check out these 3 eye opening statistics!

  1. 75% of caretakers are women!
  2. 80% of nursing homes are women!
  3. 70% of LTC claims are for women!