How to hit your money goals! #pinkfix TIPS to navigate any MONEY or BUSINESS Decisions!

Life is all about lessons. This year after putting too much into my work, I learned a hard lesson about balance. My work life balance was not well balanced at all and my family was being put in second place.  I love my work, some may say I’m a workaholic, which I didn’t realize until this past fall when I kept throwing myself into my work at the expense of my family. My family was put on the back burner too far too often, which isn’t fair to them, and it’s also not what I want for my family.

One day I woke up and wondered what happened to the year? Spring is gone, summer just ended, and I have absolutely no idea where the time went. I realized I accomplished so much, but at same time I missed so much. Have you ever felt this way?

Because of this realization,  I now approach all investment deals, business deals, new programs, and anything I’m adding to our lives with the following questions in mind:

1. How will this affect my family? Will it help us, give us more time together, or take me away from them? It has to help our family in order for me to continue to explore the option.

2. How will this affect my current and new clients? Will I have less time for them? Or will it give them more value? It has to help my clients or at least not take away from their current service.

3. Is it aligned with my vision for my business? Will it get me closer to my goal of creating The Retirement Suite with a full service place to serve my clients near or in retirement at the highest level possible. And then bring that experience to women all over the states! 

Before my realization, helping more and more women was my driving factor. BUT now it’s about my family, my clients, and my vision. This will benefit everyone around me, which in return benefits me. That’s the #pinkfix way, afterall! 

What is it about for you? How do you balance things to make you and your loved one happy? What is your #pinkfix

There is still time left this year to hit your money goals. But after being put on a pause for so long, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed on where to begin. Or how on earth will I replace months of lost income or sales? The KEY is to pivot, be open to new opportunities, and be very intentional with EVERY dollar and EVERY minute you spend. It’s exactly what we teach in our Money Empire program, just take it from Amanda:

Amanda was insecure when it came to her money, confident with all other areas of her life, BUT money. She was stressed from all the pressure she put on herself to perform and make her business a success. Have you been there? Feeling the pressure now to hit your goals and exceed everyone’s expectations? She felt that way when we sat down in my pinked out office one day for a Strategy Session. Amanda realized she wasn’t the problem! The problem wasn’t her goals were too big or she wasn’t good enough for them. The problems were the holes in her plan that she didn’t even know were there. Holes like not knowing how much income her business is making, how much her expenses were, where her prospects came from, how much she would have to sell to hit her goals, and how to track all of these. When you don’t know these things, you’ll spend so much time doing busy work, yet not moving anywhere. I know because I was in Amanda’s shoes a few years ago. This was her turning point, her #pinkfix moment when it all began to turn around. She joined our Money Empire Program with other women just like her, and she turned something small into something growing faster than she ever thought possible!

“Thanks to Jessica, I now feel confident and comfortable managing my money. Her course was filled with so much valuable information, as well as guest experts for additional support and tips. Working with her allowed me to rebuild my savings account from a hundreds to thousands within a few short months of creating an intentional and focused savings plan.”

Now Amanda is confident with her Money Decisions because she has the education, the understanding, and the systems to hit her goals. As we say: “A woman’s best accessory is an education!”