How to give your life more boundaries to become more effective with your time!

Since I became a mom, I have struggled with work life and family life! I didn’t have any boundaries as my therapist tells me every time we meet. It doesn’t help that I am constantly working around  my family, it doesn’t matter where we are, the beach,  the dinner table, Christmas day, work always pops up!

Then the guilt sinks in…. Am I taking too much time away from my family and prioritizing work? Am I spending too much time with family and friends that I’m neglecting my work? No matter what I always felt  guilty! I felt guilty for being at work and not with my kids. I felt guilty I was home and not at work. Feeling guilty all the time is exhausting! 

Have you ever felt like this?

When the line gets blurry, it’s time for a boundary to be set! I call it structure, structure to your life, your schedule, and to your money. Here are 3 ways I help women give their money boundaries so you stop robbing Peter to pay Paul!

1. Set up separate money accounts for each goal. Don’t commingle money together for different goals or you will always be stealing from one goal to fund another.

2. Schedule your money making activities into your routine. When will you pay bills? Track your money? Transfer money into your savings account? Review your money math?

3. Optimize every dollar that comes into your world, don’t let it sit in your checking account, waiting for it to be spent. Give it purpose by transferring it into a money making account!

My goal for the women I work with is to give every dollar that comes into their world a purpose, ideally multiple purposes. But let’s start with one purpose, let’s say for your future house, to retire, or for that dollar to earn more dollars! First you need to identify that dollar and place it in a new home so you don’t spend it! Simple and easy but barely anyone actually does it. If you don’t give your dollars a home, they become homeless dollars. 

And guess what happens to homeless dollars? 

They leave to find a new home! You spend them! So please give them a proper home before this happens. Place the money in a new account before it’s too late! Don’t worry I’m guilty of this too, if money sits in my checking account, it’s a guarantee I will spend it. So I put boundaries in place and hoard money into different accounts like squirrels hide nuts in different trees for winter. 

Not sure how to get started, that’s why I’m here! When can jump on a quick Discovery Call to uncover your buckets or accounts and how to give every dollar a purpose in your home!