How to fully heal from your money scars and reignite your light!

Meet Marianne, she just entered the real estate world as a new realtor. What a hectic, unprecedented time to become a realtor! All she keeps hearing is to stick with it, this is a crazy time, and push through. Well Marianne, is exhausted, overworked, and feeling like her success if lightyears away…will she even make it?

All her life she wanted to be a realtor, but raising a young family, she took to the corporate world for the steady paycheck and schedule. Now in her 60s, she wants to conquer her dreams and become a successful realtor! Almost a year in, and she is desperate for her first sale. Over 30 offers have resulted in no sales, and she is defeated! Marianne questions her value every time it doesn’t work out for her clients. She questions everything she does, she thinks if I only did this or do more of that, I’ll finally get a sale.

How can she keep telling her clients their dream house was sold to someone else?

Her worth is tied to that first sale, your worth is tied to your next sale. Isn’t it?

How do we shift while feeling exhausted, unworthy, and desperate? You heal! 

Marianne never healed from her scars from growing up and from a marriage that she has to constantly be on the lookout for the next round of abuse. The scars and anxiety have been brought into her new business. Marianne joined LIFT to heal her scars. She joined so she wouldn’t be afraid of her future anymore yet have peace and confidence in it. 

YOU cannot feel worthy until YOU forgive yourself. Marianne wrote herself a forgiveness letter. And the next month, she got her first sale! 

You heal in order to feel worthy! Your worthiness allows you to receive! 

Marianne’s new loving energy around money allowed her offers to be surrounded by love and peace. They stood out! You can stand out too with your new energy, with your love, with your worthiness! 

After you can heal, you get to have fun and play! When was the last time you played with your money or had fun at work?

I asked Marianne the same exact questions! Her response was tears pouring down her face in relief yet exhaustion. She was so tired from overworking, overthinking, and overdoing! It was time for her to just heal! The real estate industry is very similar to my industry, there is a lot of masculine energy, a lot of scarcity mindedness (YES especially now!), and fear based decision making. I said to Marianne, what if this month you played? What would that feel like to you? She instantly began to smile and laugh! Of course!

Here’s how I helped Marianne have fun! For the month of June, she was to play on social media posting all things she loves…cooking and kitchens! She has a picture or video of every kitchen she walks through and showcases how much she loves surrounding the family with love and food. She will invite her clients over and cook them dinner with some margaritas! Yes, her clients are exhausted and overworked as well! She will post about their fun time together, how they are healing through their play and getting re-energized! 

The next month, Marianne will have a girl’s pow wow and invite her tribe over, her group of women who have her back no matter what! A time for women to join forces, laugh, and connect on a deeper level than the typical networking meetings. 

The following month, Marianne will have a book for each client and document when they love something about a house. It might be a paint color, a cabinet color, a type of trim or floor plan. Together, they will celebrate the small victories like finding their dream front door or dream patio that they can carry into their next house! Celebrating is a HUGE piece of play!

Marianne came into my office with a huge burden on her, feeling defeated and down, but she left floating on air. She is ready to heal, she can see the light moving forward, and she is EXCITED again about money!