How to fit your BIG goals into your daily to do list!

I’m great with the day to day tasks, but those big picture projects I’m lost! You can nail out your to do list, crossing things off all day long, yet when it comes to your big dreams and goals, things fall short. I love my to do list, my small tasks, the ones where I can put it on my calendar to get done. I schedule time for a call, for follow up work, or for paperwork. Easy, simple, done! The struggle comes when I need to hire someone new, when I need to train someone, when I need to put together an entire marketing plan with emails, pictures, graphics, and the works! 

Are you the same way?

The bigger the project, the more overwhelming it becomes! Retirement planning, estate planning, life insurance, paying off debt, or buying a new house…all bring you anxiety, stress, and makes you want to avoid it! These big projects or boulders as I like to call them, are so hard to schedule into your calendar, and there isn’t space on your to do list for them everyday. So what happens? They take up anxious energy and space in your mind. And trust me, it’s so hard to be present in your daily life when you have this anxious energy. It takes you away from helping your children with school work, it takes you away from helping your clients, or it takes away from your precious sleep! 

I see it all the time! A woman comes to me because she is so stuck and stressed out with her money. She’s been avoiding it because in the past it only brought up guilt and money shaming. She missed her bill deadlines multiple times, she had to take out credit cards to carry her bills, or she avoided getting life insurance or long term care insurance because of her health. She doesn’t feel like she can actually “adult” with her money. Years later, she comes to me wanting to retire in 5 or 10 years, but how the heck can she get to retirement when she’s barely getting by?

Retirement is one of those HUGE big picture goals, and planning for retirement isn’t a cookie cutter playbook that easily fits into your daily to do list or calendar. Instead of looking at your life from now until retirement, what if you broke it down into 4 phases? 

Phase 1: the first year plan of getting your savings up, paying off your debt, tracking your expenses, and fixing your investments? 

Phase 2: get your estate documents done, up your savings rate, align paying off your house with your retirement deadline. 

Phase 3: pay off your debt, build your income streams for retirement, have a family meeting about your retirement and estate planning.

Phase 4: prepare for long term care costs in retirement, realign your investments into income producing, volunteer and give back! 

Now that is do-able! And the best part is you do NOT have to do it all by yourself anymore. I always get the most anxious when someone lays out what I have to do and I feel like it is all on me to get it done. I hate that moment! In fact, we can partner together, break the first phase into quarters, and work together to accomplish it all with ease and fast. The key is chunking down these goals into daily tasks that fit into your lifestyle! Don’t be scared to dream big, you just have to have the plan to back it up. Your plan is compiled by your phases, which is exactly what we do during your Strategy Session! First step is to get super clear on what your goals are, which is what we focus on in a Discovery Call. Ready to refocus on YOU and what YOU want? If so, #callJess and click below! I can’t wait to uncover your phases…