How to become a significant player in the money game!

Here’s me at the end of the day,

Curls flat,

Face shiny,

And in shock over another woman who is shying away from her significance in this world.

I fought for years to have a voice in the financial industry. I put it all on the line to build a platform for women to become a leader with their money.

Now I’m a significant player in the game of money. My work is significant, my work guides women to play the bigger money game. And I love every minute of it! 

Are you ready to show up for your money, to become a significant money player? Cuz it’s a whole hell of a lot of fun! 

Your work matters, your money matters, YOU matter! 

Are you ready to play?

What’s the first step? Well what about money lights you up? What makes you excited and let’s start there.

Once you know your passion behind money, growing money, and having more of it, we can identify your money moves.

I had a strategy session with a woman who wanted to own real estate and be a property manager. The session was lacking something, it was lacking the right energy. So we jumped on a call a week later and something shifted during our session. Something opened her up to a much bigger play.

It all became too clear, she was thinking too small! Yes a million dollar property was too small for her overall divine plan. She was to build a platform for real estate, to have a voice to guide people like her, and show them how the rich quick schemes will only distract you and force down a self-destructive path. 

All of a sudden we had a media campaign, a social media platform, and potential speaking engagements. This side hustle will build up her expertise, experience, and training while also funding her future real estate properties. 

People will now get to go on this journey with her as she uncovers the real real estate, cutting the BS, and get the truth. How amazing! Now she has a voice, now she has a platform, and now she is a significant player in the game of money.

What’s your passion money move? How can we get you playing the larger money game? The more women we have in the money party, the more fun it becomes! We can all elevate together, we can LIFT our assets together.

Do you want what Mary is building?

Do you want the money rules of the game? 

Do you want to be a significant player like Mary and me? 

I thought so! 

Check out my new LIFT course if you want the same money magic we did for Mary. It’s time for you to play!