How Much is Enough?

It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about what you do with that money.

Take a moment to let that soak in! If you earn $1 million yet you spend $999,000 of it, are you wealthy? If you spend every last dollar of your income, will that lead to wealth?

I’m contemplating these questions on a flight back from Tampa, Florida, where I attended a 3 day business retreat with my coach and mentoring group. During our time together, we debated these questions. Here’s what we discovered:

If your wealth is determined by what you DO with the money you earn, then your wealth is determine by the CHOICES you make every day 

I want you to say it with me, I determine my wealth. In the end, wealth is a mindset because what you believe is how you will act. There is a huge difference between making money and having wealth. If you believe a thought such as “I will always be in debt”, then you will always overspend, never track your income and expenses, never educate yourself on how to make better decisions with your money. You’ll prove yourself right and be in debt and stay there.

You have a choice in your thoughts and actions: you can decide to continue doing what you’re  doing because that’s the easy path, right? I don’t have to work on my mindset or behaviors. I don’t have to invest any time, money, or energy to fix the problem. I don’t have to leave my comfort zone and take any risks. 

BUT then you’re agreeing to continue living with the problem. You’re still surviving a bad marriage, struggling at a job you hate, existing through an unhappy life.

There are two steps to correct the problem: it really is that simple.

First, you must change your mindset. Second, you must change your behaviors.

Having money is a choice, you make choices everyday about having or not having money. 

“I want that dress”:I understand that I’m spending from my wealth to buy it. 

I want that big house”: I have to be clear that means I have to spend money andtake on debt to pay for it. 

You are always one decision away from having what you want AND ending your limiting beliefs.

I write about this in my book: Strong Woman Stronger Assets. If you want to learn more about who I am as an advisor and my own journey, you should check it out! In the book, we first outline your money beliefs. 

·      What are your top money beliefs? 

·      Are working well for you or not? 

·      In your mind, do you associate money with negative things? 

·      Do your beliefs express how hard it is to make money? 

·      Are your thoughts tuned in to never having enough money? 

If so, then we need to correct them FAST! How can you change these limiting beliefs to the positive? Let’s focus our beliefs on how abundant money is and how to make AND Keep it!

Next write down your top 3 money Behaviors. 

·      Is it overspending your money? 

·      Not saving a sufficient amount of money consistently? 

·      Not educating yourself on making decisions around money? 

It’s time to fix them and make them work better for you. 

·      Begin to watch where you spend your money every month. 

·      Work with an advisor to help learn more about your money. 

·      Communicate with your partner about money!

Remember: you are only one step away from fixing your money relationship. What step will you take? If you try by yourself, you’ll be stepping blindfolded, in a field of land mines! Not what I recommend! Maybe your first step is reading my book. If you want even quicker results and live help, let’s set up a discovery call. It’ll be a time to get clear on your relationship with money and how to gain a wealthy mindset to not only bring wealth to your life but to keep it.