How do you make tough decisions?

Welcome to Not your Father’s Advisor…I created this blog over 3 years ago because I work with women in a completely different capacity than the typical advisor. I become YOUR partner, YOUR  advocate, and I work side by side with YOU to achieve YOUR money goals. It is all about YOU!

Can I ask you a few questions? 

Have you ever made a decision based on what people told you to do? I have! 

Have you ever made a choice based on what was expected of them to do? I have!

I worked the first 5 years of my career doing those exact things. Guess what I found…I found myself unhappy, unfulfilled, and giving my clients the standard, mediocre results.

Do you feel like you deserve better than the standard? Are you sick of getting barely enough?

Well that’s what I felt, not just for my life, but for the women I was helping. So I spent years creating NEW systems, NEW processes that gave them REAL results.

The women I worked with got immediate results, but more importantly, they got lasting results and real transformations. No longer was I giving them a band aid or a quick fix, but a solution. Because we all know, a quick fix is NOT going to fix our money issues. 

Because of this, I dedicated my 2nd best selling book: Time to Refine, a Strong Woman’s Guide to Retiring on Her Own Terms to these systems and processes. I found women in all age groups, living a life that they were told to live, not the life that they wanted to live, and it didn’t sit well with me. These women and I worked closely together so that they can now live the life that they want, without worrying about money. 

For the women I work with, we use retirement as a time for them to throw out the rule book, so they can live life on their own terms. BUT you can only live life on your own terms when you have complete control over your money. When we have that security with our money, that confidence with our money,  we can take on those risks. The life changing risks that make you jump out of bed, that challenge you in the best way possible, that get your blood flowing. 

If you are ready to throw out the rule book and find a way to live the way YOU want, let’s get you going! I’m showcasing these NEW processes and systems in a NEW workshop, our Strong Retirement Retreat, on October 19th! 

Here is our agenda for the one time event:

Health and Fitness Coach Kat Secor will be coaching us on maintaining our mobility, quality of life, and independence as we age. 

Founder and Owner of the Brave Heart Center, Dawn Campagnola, will be leading us in a meditation for clarity and peace of mind.

Financial Specialist, Author, and Speaker will be discussing the TOP 3 Retirement Myths and showing you how to retire on your own terms!