Hidden Power of Change Summit Recap

It’s Jessica Weaver and we just had our huge event, the hidden power change financial summit for women yesterday. I’m a little tired. And today I took the day to, well one we had breakfast all together and then advisors flew out, we had advisors flying in from Texas, Alabama, Washington State, Michigan, all over, we had over 60 women in the room, it was amazing! A day full of stories, which you don’t expect, at a summit. We had I did a meditation, a few ladies did meditations, different exercises, breathing work, visualizations. And the room was full of advisors, some of our clients, some of the professionals that we work with, women business owners, entrepreneurs. And it was cool to see, everybody has something everybody got a take away from every speaker. It was cool for clients and other women business owners to see a different side of the advisory world, you know, the back side, the other woman supporting us what was going on.

But the big takeaway for me, and this you never hear from a financial conference, or Summit is the intimacy, the intimacy of the event. And that goes back to our storytelling. The storytelling is everything. The story is something that artificial intelligence can’t take from us. But storytelling is the emotional connection between you and your client, your prospect, some transaction, it’s an emotional connection, it’s a relationship. And that’s what we trained all of our advisors to speak on, is to share their story to share the stories of people that they’ve worked with. Whether it’s good, the bad, some women were talking about their divorces and miscarriages, losing parents, and also the victories and the successes. But what I love about storytelling, that emotional connection- that triggers that moment into your subconscious, this is big, and when that happens, it’s going to be remembered. So the more you tell your story, the more likely you are going to be remembered. So remember that when you’re talking with your audience. I spoke about the power of stories, that your story can transform lives, and even if it just transforms one life. Was it worth telling? Yes. Oh, yes, it was. And when you think about it, history is remembered because of the storytellers, right? It’s just people repeating other people’s stories. And so much of the future is shaped because of history. So if you aren’t telling your story, there is no history, there is no future. There’s no legacy.

And I just at one point, I let myself just bask in the day, and I looked around at all these women, just eagerly waiting for the next speaker to go on stage. We had a panel of female experts who’ve been in the industry for some over 30 years. So we talked about the differences, the changes that have happened, the forecasting out for women and wealth. And also women in leadership, how do we get more women in leadership roles, or does the whole structure of leadership need to change so that more women actually want those jobs? Because a lot of times we’re like, we don’t want those headaches, we’re almost too smart to take those. So how do we shift that? Or are more women just stepping away from that narrative altogether and starting their own business? Women start over 1800 businesses a day, a day! That is insane to me, but only 6% of them are over six figures. So we we’re starting to take more risk ladies we are, but there’s a lot of work to do still.

And that’s why at the Women’s Wealth Boutique we are ready to embrace that change, embrace that risk, support you and even this summer as we’re starting the second half of the year at the woman’s wealth boutique we just onboarded Amanda Stilwell with Clarity Financial Solutions in South Carolina. We just added an office in Indiana with Lauren Wood and Aligned Collective, Aligned Wealth Collective. We’re onboarding two more advisors. You’ll hear about them shortly. And we are also very excited to add on some big additions. Big divisions I should say to our services right now. We offer financial planning, retirement planning, protection planning, cash flow, debt management, all those along with divorce. We have three certified divorce financial analysts at the Women’s Wealth Boutique. But this summer we’re adding on property and casualty to make sure you are properly protected ladies, this is so important.

We are all about taking risks but we need to take risks and know that protection is in place. That is key. And then we are also adding later this summer, the Estate Planning Division, because yesterday was a whole theme about legacy, about estate, long term care. And being more proactive to prevent the fires, instead of being reactive to them. So, one that saves your emotions, it saves a lot of money. So now we’re able to help our clients build these critical documents like trusts, wills, living wills, power of attorneys. So all that is coming in the second half of this year and I cannot wait, there’s just so much. So let’s just celebrate, so much excitement, it’s been one hell of a year at the Women’s Wealth Boutique and a little over a year we’ll have onboarded nine female advisors, nine female advisors, what I think we’re in like eight different states in one year, so just imagine what next year is gonna be. I cannot wait to see it. So thank you for your support.

I’m here I’m going to take all this in, recharge, because even tomorrow I got client calls, podcasts, interviews and a wedding. It just doesn’t stop ladies. But I’m grateful for you. So thank you for checking in. And if you missed the summit, do not worry, we have an amazing package coming for you. Coming to you with all the speakers recordings, even our Spotify playlist from the event that day. All the bonuses that ever the speakers gave out. There are some really good ones. So we’ll make sure to get those to you. Stay tuned!