Hidden Power of Change Financial Summit

With so much growth, change, and risk taking, we had to dedicate an entire summit to it AND a magazine written by all the fabulous ladies at the Women’s Wealth Boutique called The Hidden Power of Change. We are hosting a full day event on May 17th in honor of our National #pinkfix Day to this theme along with launching our magazine at the event. You can reserve your in person or virtual spot here https://jessicaweaver.com/hidden-power-of-change-summit-2023/, and you will also receive a virtual copy of our magazine after we launch it on May 17th.

Women tend to be more conservative than men when it comes to managing their money. We also have a history of being more “flexible” with our careers, focusing on work that allows us to be home more, less travel, and less hours. This often means we will give up on promotions with more responsibilities, for the fear it will take us away from our family duties. These duties often include caretaking of children, parents, siblings, or even grandchildren. I’ve witnessed women leaving work to take care of their mother, then their father, then their husband, and now retiring only to take full time care of their brother. We have normalized this pattern or tradition, feeling guilty when deep down we always knew we were meant for more. Our inner dreams and desires of finally write that book, or launch that event planning business, or to go to culinary school buried deep down inside of us! Just take the stable and easy paycheck, right? Sorry but this pattern is no longer serving us as women! It has translated to women taking less risk with their money, to settling for good enough, earning less than men, and for having less female executives, CEOs, millionaires. 

As women everywhere begin to stand up for their careers, the ripple effect will impact every single one of us on this planet. Women will begin to earn more, save more, invest more, but even beyond having more money in the bank, we will have more ability to give back, change our communities, and volunteer! When you earn more, you can save more, retire sooner, and volunteer more if that brings joy to your heart. On May 17th, we are celebrating women standing up for this movement so we can begin to have the power shift, embrace more female CEOs, and create more female millionaires!

As Lizzo so eloquently puts it…”It’s about damn time!”

So grab your seat now at our Summit and listen to financial leader after leader tell their empowering story of change, risk taking, and how it has changed not only their lives, but the lives of the people around them! We invite you to learn new and innovative money moves, be a part of the legacy, and surround yourself with your tribe of empowering females with us on May 17th! 

As we prepare for our largest financial summit for women yet, I’ve noticed a trend happening with women. They are stepping up when it comes to their career or business, they are stepping out from behind the scenes to starring roles! Yes, women everywhere are taking risks! Larger risks than we’ve ever seen before!

All of our financial advisors at the Women’s Wealth Boutique have done just that, they have left their old financial firms. Most of them have left a team, a partnership, or the only financial home they’ve ever known, their entire support system. But you know what they have also left behind: being undervalued, underpaid, and unseen for what they really bring to the table. They took a risk on themselves in pursuit of the dream of building their own asset. 

As one of our clients who recently left the corporate world to start her own skincare line. Or our client who is leaving the corporate set up and to start her own physical therapy company. Women are refusing to be complacent and settle with their careers anymore. It’s a HUGE step for us women as we become more and more the breadwinners, even more of the world’s millionnaires. Women make up a third of all the world’s millionaires. We are also 40% of the breadwinners now, and that doesn’t just happen by letting your career take a step back. No it happens by taking a step up and asking, no demanding for more out of your life and career. Women are demanding more satisfaction, more fulfillment even if that means a pay cut or a side step.  

Come celebrate with us because if you want to level up your money game, you need to be in the room with women hitting level after level of wealth! Yes, we can all agree that we will no longer sacrifice work, family, money, or our dreams!