Have you raised your prices yet?

Stephanie Georgakopoulos from the Women’s Wealth Boutique is sharing an awesome exercise with us today for business owners!

Take what you are charging and double it, then double it again— and that’s your new price! 

Did you do it? What emotions came up? 

Did you get a case of imposter syndrome? Did you think, “Who am I to charge THAT??”

Did you get a bombarded with a feeling of guilt? Did you think, “That is ridiculous, that’s greedy charging that much.”

Does this new price seem expensive or EXPANSIVE?

Does it scare you? Or EXCITE you?

What could you do with this additional money?

Visualization is a great method of attraction and elevation.

Think about it, and list three things you’d spend it on:




Examples: pay off debt, hire help, work less, go on a much-needed vacation, live your life like a mutha f’n money queen!!!

So, phenomenal lady, my question to you is: have you raised your prices yet?