Have you ever been rebellious with money?

Have you ever been rebellious with your money?

My coach challenged me to be rebellious with my money and it instantly sent chills through me. I exclaimed what do you mean to be rebellious, like throwing a rager party with all my money? There’s only so much partying I can handle these days! I’ve always tried to be the perfect person, the perfect daughter, the perfect sister, wife, mom, advisor, friend, business owner. It probably comes from my Catholic school days where I would fake being sick to get out of forgetting a homework assignment. The guilt and fear that was instilled in me from those early days of my childhood still haunt me! 

I see it with the women who come to me, too. The guilt, shame, and fear they have with their money. We’ve been told our entire lives, be responsible for your money, save your money, don’t spend what you don’t have! It’s like a never ending script of what we have to do with our money. I’ve been catching myself saying I need to save more, spend less, and work harder! Then I think who is telling me this? My dad, my old teacher, my coach, who? I quickly realized it’s not from my own script, but from others. I’ve been living according to other people’s terms and rules! I don’t know about you, but that is not how I want to live. 

It happens in my industry too. People are always telling me what I can’t do, that I have to abide by their rules. But what happens when their rules  don’t work? They don’t serve women the way they deserve and they definitely don’t serve God. So I started to challenge their rules, I pushed back, and I got told to shut down what I was doing. 

But if God puts these desires and ideas in my head, I must have faith in the work I’ve been doing. So I found a better home for my work at a new firm. I am now dismantling all the rules I’ve been told my entire life and my entire working life. I am creating a new script to go off of, which will always change as I change and grow. It is a script from God! A script that works better for me as a working mom, as a wife of a police officer, as a woman who deeply cares about her clients. 

I am a rebel in the finance industry and it suits me ;). There is no reward without risk! I take a leap into my faith and allow God to do the rest, to take care of me, and take care of you. I become your manifestor, your connection to the wealth you deserve. I open your connection to wealth by allowing you to trust money and for money to trust you. 

What does this look like? For you to spend money knowing the money will come back to you immeasurably more. For you to receive money trusting yourself to optimize that money. It is why I teach money systems because they allow you to trust yourself, have faith in your plan, that you will manage and protect that money. You can spend freely knowing you are saving plenty! Trust and you will be in the flow of money. 

The finance industry only focuses on the external factors affecting your bank account, yet the internal factors matter so much more. The external factors only enhance what is happening on the inside. Your relationship with money begins with you! Do you trust you? Should money trust you? 

If you’re been struggling lately with your money, or have been hustling for years to only get by with your money, I hear ya! It’s why I created LIFT. Or maybe you feel guilty because you make good money, yet want to shatter that glass ceiling and hit seven figures! 

I kept running into women with money blocks, heck I have money blocks. I was hitting burn out after burn out with my business for years until I found my money source. I started working less, and earning more, like triple the amount of income. And it only took a month for this shift to happen.

Our new community LIFT is the connector of you to your wealth. Lift opens up the connection between you and your money source. I identify your money blocks, we uncover your true desires, I show you how to receive them spiritually but also practical money systems to open your money channels up for good! You’ll have money flowing freely in and out of your life, abundantly, over supplying you!

Once your money source is identified and opened, you’ll have money pouring in. This is when you shift to our Women’s Wealth Boutique. There you’ll team up with one of our female financial advisors, who will help you optimize the money, manage it, and protect it.

Lift is your link to the wealth you deserve, the wealth you desire!

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