Have I Ever Told You Why I Got Started in the Finance Industry?

Have I ever told you how I got started in finance? No? Here is my story….

When I was a little girl, I loved going into my tin in my closet, opening it up, and looking at my money. There wasn’t much in it, but it didn’t matter. All that mattered is how much I loved it. I was maybe 10 years old at the time, and had no idea the power money has, but there was something about it that was just magical to a ten year old. I’d grab my tin, which looked like a Merry Go Round, sit on my floor, and count it. 

Again and again and again!

Once in a while, I would act up and lock myself in my room! Ok maybe it was a little more than once in a while. My parents would bang on my door, and yell at me: “Jessica Claire, if you don’t unlock this door, we’re taking all of your money away!” 

Wait what? Money can be taken away? In an instant I realized money can be taken away! Those moments are so ingrained in me, ones I will never forget. Why? Because, they are the first moments of my life when I knew I needed to protect money. Not just my money, but your money. The fear of losing your money has never left me and is why I work so hard. 

My first memories about money all revolve around that tin. There was always something special about it, keeping my money safe and organized. What “tin” do you have to keep your money safe and organized? Do you sit on your floor, counting every dollar and penny? 

As we grow and mature in life these “tins” turn to bank accounts to investment accounts to retirement accounts. With every step, there is a new system to learn, a new organizational element, and a new behavior. 

From such an early age, I was obsessed with money and its power in the world. I studied how money influenced people, changed people, and could be used for good and bad. I watched people interact and talk about money. I documented what worked and what didn’t work, what bad habits people repeatedly made. I also made sure to take note of the habits the most successful people and businesses made. Yes, there is a pattern: successful people have certain habits, behaviors, and beliefs. While unsuccessful people have a different set of habits, behaviors, and beliefs. 

Having wealth isn’t just for the top earners in this world, anyone can have wealth!

The more I studied money growing up, the more I wanted my career to revolve around it! I didn’t want only rich people to have wealth, I wanted everyone to have it. This is why I created my #pinkfix movement. I want to help women, all women, make their financial dreams a reality! 

Are you unsure of how to reach your financial dreams? Thinking, yeah I could never do that? Well you can with the right guidance and support, which is what the #pinkfix movement is all about. Helping women achieve their dreams! Curious how to begin building your money plan?

So many women come to me saying: I’ve tried this budget, and that budget but nothing works long term. The block isn’t you…it’s YOUR plan! You end up feeling like a failure, like something is wrong with you, that you’ll never get it. I know because I’ve been there, I felt horrible when I would go on huge spending sprees. I had all the financial planning help at my fingertips, yet it still wouldn’t work. I felt like a fraud…until I learned it wasn’t me, it was my plan’s fault. Once I learned and implemented the right systems for ME, my whole world changed. I want your world to change!

The key is finding a plan that works for your money personality because everyone is wired differently. Someone who loves saving money will have a different plan than someone who loves spending money! This is why the generic information you get from google searches doesn’t work…it doesn’t fit YOU and your LIFESTYLE. Check out our Money Action Plan to see how you can find the RIGHT systems and strategies that work for your money type.