Happy Valentine’s Day

In honor of the BIG day, we are doing a 4 Day Love Your Money Honey Challenge!

Want to join us? There will be prizes for each day on social media for the #pinkfix post with the most likes!

Day 1:

Love your life, love your money! What is the quickest way to change your mindset and mood? Become grateful! Write down 5 things you are grateful for right NOW and post it with #pinkfix.! Make this a daily habit, and you will be amazed by the difference in your mood. I wear a gratitude bracelet, a HOT PINK one, and every time my eye catches the glitter bead, I have to say one thing I am grateful for. I instantly feel better, more grounded, and more relaxed. The same can be done with our Strong bracelets, when you are feeling weak, look at the strong charm and remember a time when you were fierce! The winner with the most likes will receive a FREE strong bracelet.

Day 2:

Visualize your future! The best way to welcome money into your life is by visualizing what money can do for you. How will money help you attain the life you want to live? Money won’t make you happy, but what you use money for can. Stop chasing other people’s visions, and take a moment now to see what you REALLY want. Not what you think you want or should want, but dig deep for what it is you desire in life. Post a picture with one of your visions with #pinkfix to win a FREE strategy session with me! We will strategize how to achieve your dreams!

Day 3:

Make loving your money a daily habit! Learn to love your money each day by setting aside time to focus on it. What can you do each day to love your money? Some ideas are to pay off some debt, set aside money to save, review your money goals, visualize your future, or schedule a call to get some help! Take a picture of your daily habit with #pinkfix to win a FREE month in our Strong Retirement Club!

Day 4:

Happy Valentine’s Day! Take control back over your money today by investing in yourself! In order to have control, we need to invest our time and money. How can you invest in yourself to gain more love in your money today and tomorrow? Book a call with me, register for financial workshop (could be our workshop in March!), buy a book on money, or hire a money coach. Take a picture of your investment, book, or workshop with #pinkfix to win 2 FREE tickets to our Girl Get Your $hit Together Workshop in March with a BONUS of 2 books: Girl Get Your $hit Together and Strong Woman Stronger Assets.

We cannot wait to see your posts in our growing community! Come and join our fun as we work on living our best lives!

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