Can You be Grateful For Where You Are Today?

Somehow every work trip I come back from this year, I wake up to one of my kids throwing up…the stomach bug! I’m sure you have heard, witnessed, or been subject to the stomach bug over the past several weeks. My family have all gone through it twice in the span of 4 weeks. Oh the laundry, so much laundry, and new sheets, towels, and blankets. This week alone we had a snow day, stomach bug, and fever virus which means my kids took turns going in and out of school with illnesses. I had a podcast scheduled, and I had to cancel, reschedule, cancel again, and then I finally decided to release control over it. I had one of our amazing advisors, Melissa of the Melissa Myer’s Group take over as host for the episode. 

After she recorded the episode for Women Behind the Millions, she messaged me: isn’t it great how we can be flexible with our work to take care of our clients when they need us and our families when they need us. Amen, yes it is! But there are so many times when I find myself getting upset that not enough work is being done. That I’m falling behind, and will never be able to catch up. Then I had a call with another advisor, Tiffany, who has opened her own firm as well. She explained the season she is in now doesn’t allow her to work 40 hours a week because who the hell can when her kids are constantly sick? Maybe it isn’t your kids, but your parents or grandchildren. Maybe it’s your boss who isn’t available as much as you need them because they are sick, their family is sick. 

You put so much pressure on yourself to excel ALL THE TIME, and if you aren’t excelling then you must be failing. You compare yourself to others, then you feel even worse, and now you are in a full fledged spiral to rock bottom. Oh the fun, and quite the toll on your emotions. 

If you are reading this and are in the season of sick kids, loads of work, and spinning too many plates at once in the air, I want to give you some grace today. I want you to give yourself some grace. This isn’t going to last forever, it is truly just a season in your life. Can you trust God to handle all the business you can’t do right now because your family needs you? I always send God a prayer thank You God for taking care of my clients while I am at home with my babies. 

Do these moments give you more stress and anxiety? Or do you trust that you are where you are meant to be for the moment? There is so much power in that switch! Our society has ingrained in us that we always have to be working or we don’t want it badly enough. That you have to work so hard to get ahead and make more money. But all these beliefs lead you straight to burn out and the feeling of failure. The more you burnout and fail, the greater your fear will be. Fear is the opposite of love, fear is the opposite of abundance. If you are in my world, my mission is for you to operate out of a state of total alignment, abundance, and love. 

Here are my favorite ways I help shift our clients, advisors, me, and even my kids to alignment no matter what the day presents itself with:

  1. Gratitude! Immediately think of 3 things you are deeply grateful for and express that gratitude to God. You will enter the space of love when you feel gratitude. 
  2. Focus on what is going right for you. There is a powerful saying: life is always working out for me. My new favorite is God is with me, God is for me. If God is always for me and with me, then who can be against me? All the issues you are facing with today are just smoke and mirrors because God has a master plan so much greater than anything you could ever imagine. 
  3. Slow down the negative spiral with a meditation. Meditating allows you to slow the momentum of bad things happening to you and speed up the momentum of alignment. Have you ever noticed that one bad event leads to another one? It’s because you begin to focus on the bad issue at hand and what you focus on multiples in our world. 
  4. Forgive yourself, give yourself some grace! You are hitting a wall for a reason, it’s because you are growing leaps and bounds and your subconscious mind doesn’t know how to manage all the growth. This is a great sign, one you will start to be grateful for! When you are hitting a new level at work, at home, or with your money, your subconscious will try to sabotage it. It’s not because you don’t want the extra funds in your bank account or the new relationship, it’s because you have entered new territory that you don’t have an instruction manual for yet. You will mess up, you will feel like you are failing or missing something, but you aren’t. You are right where you need to be, you are learning and growing so much faster than ever before. 

If you haven’t yet, grab your mind’s new instruction manual on navigating this growth and allowing yourself to stand firm in it with Confessions of a Money Queen.