Fixing your money issue will only fix the symptom, not the underlying cause!

Women come to me with all kinds of money problems, debt, low savings, fears of not saving enough money, retirement, running out of money, etc.

The problem is these are all symptoms. When you treat a symptom, it will always come back. In my new workshop I show you how to get in touch with yourself and your money. Why is this important? Because you need to become aware of the patterns in your life. It is God trying to tell you something over and over again. You will only be hit with the same lesson again and again until you learn from it. 

Take a moment now to look at the recurring money issues you encounter in your life. Need some guidance, I know I did when I signed up with my new coach, check out the free workshop!

“A problem ignored is a crisis invited.”


I never view a problem as an issue, but as an opportunity. There is a HUGE opportunity to dig beyond the symptom to the real cause of your money issues. Are you ready for lasting transformation with your money? (If you are smiling 🙂 jump in now!)

Here is an example of treating a symptom versus the underlying cause or illness. 

Meet Cory, she was sent to me from her aunt! Cory just bought her first place, so excited to do some renovations to make it feel like her. As we started talking, she explained how she has this debt that she can’t get rid of. She’ll pay it off but only to see if it’s high again!

Exhausted and frustrated from overworking to pay it off, she decided to move forward into our community, learn more here!

Clarity is the first step!

Cory found out her expenses are more expensive than her net income coming in. Then through our work, she realized she is underpaid and has been leaving money on the table.

Now she is earning more, has a plan to pay off her debt, and is actually building wealth.

Cory made a stance for her life today, if she waited her debt would have built up until bankruptcy. She would have spent her entire career under-earning, which would have led to less assets for retirement, a smaller pension, and smaller social security benefit.

Yes, I love interfering before a crisis like that one!

Debt was the piece of her money screaming at her to make a change in her life. The cause was under earning, lack of education of money, and avoidance. She was avoiding her money because she knew something was wrong. Have you ever done that? Are you doing that now? (again if you are nodding yes, sign up to learn more!)

She didn’t know any difference since she was never taught about money so she continued on her path until her aunt brought me up in conversation one day. Corinne was anxious to find out how I could help her, since she knew something was wrong, she had the money stress to go with her instincts! After our strategy session, she could! It wasn’t about money problems but about money opportunities she was missing out on! She was a classic under earner, low self confidence, and very low money confidence. 

As she went through our world, she got educated on ways to get out of debt, she began to pay attention to where her money came from and was being spent, and she learned there is so much more to the game of money than to wake up, pay your bills, and die. 

For Corinne, her steps were:

  1. Stop avoiding and start engaging! I told Corinne, if you want money to take care of you, you need to take care of your money.
  2. Get educated! Learn all the opportunities out there for her money!
  3. Build a money plan! Together, we put together a plan to overcome under-earning, pay off her debt, and build her daily money practice. 
  4. Build confidence by staying involved in our community. By witnessing other women taking charge over their money took Corinne’s money mindset to a whole new level! Now she has conviction behind her money moves, and conviction, lady, moves mountains!
  5. The symptoms began to shift! Now the symptoms are positive! She is spending less, earning more, savings more, paying off debt, even losing weight, and her relationship has improved!

Want to uncover the debilitating money patterns in your life?

Do you suffer from debt?

Do you struggle knowing if you are saving enough?

Do you have fears about running out of money?

Do you stress over how you will pay all your bills and save enough for your future?

Do you avoid looking at your money?

Does the topic of money bring fear, stress, or anxiety to you?

I struggled with all of these, especially with guilt. Even being in the finance industry for over a decade, I felt so much pressure to do everything perfectly or I would be a scam. I felt guilty about spending money, I felt like a failure if I didn’t hit my money goals. I feel you, I am you!

But what changed? I brought God into my life in a BIG way, I got in touch with myself, I began to give myself time for just me, I meditated, I got help from my coaches and peers. 

Now I love money, I love my work, I love you. I now trust money, I trust myself with money, and I trust money will always be there when I need it. Money comes freely in and out of my life. Since doing the work my income began to double every month. I’ve hit my 3 highest consecutive months as I write this. My life has changed, my mindset has changed, and my business has changed. I get to help women like you have this amazing relief with money.

I’m hosting a FREE workshop on August 17th! Join by clicking the button below. Are you ready to claim your inner money queen?