Do You Feel Out of Sync From the Holiday Madness?

Let me ask you, do you feel anxiety start to creep up your spine when you think about your money? Is there a constant presence of stress whenever you go to buy something? You have the same concerns as everyone else, so don’t feel alone. We all are stressed when it comes to money, and it really comes down to the worry over if we are spending too much or saving too little. In the end, how do you know what is the right amount to spend and save. You want to live for today while still feel prepared for tomorrow, right? So how do you have a rich life today and an even richer life tomorrow?
It begins with balance. Balance of dealing with your family while also having time for yourself. Balance of spending on the things that bring you satisfaction today while also having enough money left over to invest in your future. Balance of taking care of your finances while also having some fun and enjoyment in your life TODAY.
So how to you achieve balance, it’s easier said than done, right? Well it begins with knowing what brings fulfillment into your life. You will need to do some soul searching to get to the bottom of what you are doing all of this for? Why do you get up every day and go to work? Why are you saving money for? It isn’t just the paycheck or what the paycheck buys you. And it isn’t just what all the saved up money will buy you. It’s how you will feel when you buy something that brings you enjoyment or your family enjoyment. So what is that thing? Or as I say in my book, Strong Woman Stronger Assets, what is your asset?
Having clarity over this is crucial because you’ll stop spending money frivolously and spending money strategically. Just throwing money out the window because this dress you “kind of” like is 80% off or because you “might” need these snow-boots this winter even though you hate going out in the snow. It’s about setting aside money for your future first and spending the rest of it on the things you really care about. When you do this, it doesn’t seem like you are cutting back on your lifestyle.
Before you buy something, think about how many hours of happiness it will bring into your life. If the joy lasts one hour, it might not be worth the high price tag. But if the joy will last months or even years, it could be worth it. Will you only get fulfillment out of it or will others get enjoyment from it?
Just to recap, you are going to first get clarity over your “asset” or what you are working towards. Next you will set aside money for your future in a bank account, investment account, retirement account. Third you are going to be more strategic with your current spending so you won’t feel like you are lowering your standard of living.
There is one critical part we didn’t talk about, and it is how to align your beliefs with these goals. When you get scared of something, doesn’t it seem like you can’t stop thinking about it? It haunts your mind all day and definitely all night, right? And you become fixated on it. You really need to retrain your mind so you can prepare for it while letting the fear go and leave you. This is such a critical aspect of balance, that I am co-hosting an exclusive event with a hypnotherapist on this exact topic. She specializes in hypnotherapy for anxiety, and since we all have some anxiety over money, you should come to our event. Click below to get the information and to sign up. There is a bonus for signing up so invite your friends along too.