Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Not Enough?

I am day 10 into a 40 day Prosperity Plan with The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price. I find it so liberating that I have all of our female financial advisors at our Women’s Wealth Boutique including our team participating with us. I strongly feel that if you are touching other people’s money, managing it, investing it, then you need to be in alignment with your own abundance. This helps to ensure there is no greed, no guilt, no negative emotions surrounding your money, business, or clients. The main part of the Prosperity Plan is to read one of the ten sayings everyday and meditate on it for 15 minutes. This morning I was meditating when a lighting bolt of clarity hit me! How many people, probably the majority of people, do not feel like they are enough. When you do not feel like you are enough, your money will never be enough, the people around you will never be enough. You are just surrounded by let down after let down. Even when you do receive some wealth, you quickly lose it all to bills, unexpected payments, or taxes. Yes, as I said you are let down again. 

When you do not feel like you are enough, you try to validate your feelings or prove to the outside world why you aren’t where you want to be. Well I was very sick this month so I didn’t hit my money goals. Or I had to take time off to be with my children so I had to cancel meetings and missed out on potential income. You get stuck in this loop of constantly justifying everything you do, every purchase you make. I had a rough day at work, so I deserve this new handbag. I didn’t eat all morning so I deserve this huge piece of cake. 

What also happens is you begin to compare yourself to others to make yourself feel better. Even if they are doing what you truly, deeply want to do, you will find ways to cut them down. Look at them living this lavish lifestyle, well they inherited the money, they didn’t work for it so they are spoiled and lazy. But do you really feel better after all the justifying, all the judgements of others, or trying to constantly receive outside validation for who you are and what you receive? No, it’s the opposite, it only makes you feel less worthy. And I’m sorry to say but it also cuts off your money supply because you are constantly shifting back to the lack. 

As I was meditating on these notions, I grew very sad at how many people don’t feel like they are enough. Imagine what our world could look like if they did feel worthy, and they didn’t let these negative emotions dictate how much success they have. How can we make huge changes to how people feel about themselves, allow them to become limitless in how much they love themselves and how much they allow themselves to receive. Yes, you read that right, it’s not how many actions you take, but how much you ALLOW yourself to receive. Let that sink in, reread it everyday if you have to. Can you receive while at rest, while at home? Can you feel worthy to receive millions while you are taking care of your family?

3 Key Questions to ask yourself if you feel stuck with your money: journal on the following prompts to see what comes up for you and then reach out to our team of experts at WWB!

  1. What lesson on wealth is God trying to teach you? 
  2. What is the recurring theme you’ve noticed with your money? 
  3. Where do you feel resistance with your money, time, relationships? 

On the same note, you have to be aware of the people who are holding you back. There will be people who won’t work with you because you are soaring too high. They are jealous you are expanding while they are stuck. You are their answer to grow, but they are stuck in resistance. As painful as it is, you have to release them because they will be your deadweight. You can’t care more or want more for that person then they want for themselves. No matter how many opportunities you give them, no matter how many chances you let them blow, they aren’t ready to grow, not at the speed you are moving!

Many times these people will try to make you feel like you aren’t enough. It isn’t fair, but if they aren’t growing, they surely do not want you to grow. I’ve seen this with clients, advisors, friends, and family. You can reflect on when you met them in your life, what were you going through at the time. You probably have outgrown that area of your life, but they haven’t yet. You staying small so they don’t get lonely doesn’t serve the world. Playing down to keep other people happy is not what God wants of your life. This is your permission to be who you are and live an expansive life unapologetically! 

Trust in what you are building, trust in who you are becoming! God is guiding you, rest in this, have faith in the contrast that life brings you because it allows you to sort through the bad and the good to see what you truly want out of life.