Book Review: Girl Get Your $hit Together

So my friend, Lisa, wrote a book, how cool is that? She has a fascinating story too! Lisa has transitioned from working as a financial advisor (like me) to offering her services as a money coach. What a money coach does and what Lisa does best, is preparing people for working with a financial advisor. She gets people to get their shit together, as she says, and that is exactly the title of her #1 Best Selling book: “Girl Get Your $Hit Together.” But she goes so much further than fixing your cash flow problems. She opens your eyes to why you are waking up every day to go to work, and it is NOT to just earn your paycheck which is what you might be thinking. She helps people, specifically millennial women, get off the hamster wheel of getting paid, pay your bills. Her book is so good that I am writing my book review for it. And if you read her book, you will probably find out why you are put on this earth too. This book is for you if:

 You feel like you are on this hamster wheel I’ve described above.
 You sense like there is more to life than what you are currently living.
 You are stuck:
o in a job you hate,
o in a relationship that isn’t fulfilling anymore,
o in a house you can’t afford, or
o are just stuck in general and can’t figure out what the problem is.
 You feel like you were meant for greater things.

So here it is, my review for “Girl Get Your $hit Together.” Lisa starts by pointing out: “We feel stressed when our spending and saving are disproportionate to one another. We need to find balance.” I thought this was perfect timing with my new workshop: Live a Richer Life Today and Tomorrow, which is all about finding that balance of enjoying today while saving for tomorrow. When you have better balance and feel in sync with your goals, you get rid of the guilt of spending and indulging a bit because you know you are still on track for your goals.

To help you get started finding more stability (and sanity may I add?), here is one of her calls to
1. Write down a time you felt bad spending money.
2. What exactly did you feel after? What reasons did you give yourself to justify the purchase?
3. What was a time when you felt good about your money?
4. How did you feel after you made the decision for it? What justifications did you give yourself
for it?
5. Looking at question 4, if you were presented with the same decision, would you do the same
thing? If not, what decision would you make? And why?

We touched on finding balance in your life and your money: now let’s talk about feeling stuck. As you’ve read in previous posts, I’m a big believer in finding a way to live the life you want, not the life you’ve settled for or are “stuck” living. You are NEVER stuck forever, it is TEMPORARY as long as you take action. Lisa explains, when you are in survival mode with your money you will always stay stuck. And you’ll never know what you’re really working towards, so you stay stuck and lost on the hamster wheel of “get paid, pay bills then die”.

Part of being stuck is because you are not living for your purpose, not living for your why. So how do you figure out your why? Here is another one of her action steps:
1. Decide who you want to BE as a person.
2. What will you do by BEING this person?
3. What will you have from DOING?

Remember reading this post is useless if you don’t put it into action and reading her book is useless if you don’t do something with the information. This is why I included action steps at the end of each chapter in my book: Strong Woman Stronger Assets and why I love how Lisa did the same. Take action!

Next step in her book is finding the right people to surround yourself with. Aligning yourself with the people who will support you is crucial. If you are surrounded by people who are frivolously spending their money then you too will spend your money frivolously. You will need to have an honest conversation with them about your goals, such as to stop spending money on stupid shit. They will either support you or they will start resenting you because you are making major strides to change your life. If they support you they might also make a change in their life and start spending money more strategically and start changing how they view their money. You might actually help transform their life because you’re making these major changes. What a cool side effect!

I love how Lisa talks about the easy way versus the hard way of achieving your money goals. People will try and try again to do it on their own and make many mistakes. They will spend 10 years doing it the hard way, wasting time and money and energy. They’ll try to do it on their own, Google it, and spend years going nowhere, or even worse, getting further away from their goals or the life they want. There are so many “experts” out there willing to give us free advice. But the problem is that the free advice isn’t personal enough to our own situations so it probably won’t work; you’ll end up wasting time seeing if you will sink or swim. But what happens if you sink with your money? Do you have the time to make it back up? Do you have the energy to make it up? Will you run out of time in your life? Do you want to chance it? Sometimes getting advice from loved ones can lead to very poor results. As Lisa states, just because they love us doesn’t mean they can help us. They want to help us; they really really want to help us and give us their advice, but it doesn’t mean you have to act on their advice. If you think you have your own answers, then why are you reading this post, why are you still in debt, why are you still not at your goals? And if you keep avoiding seeking professional help, then where will you end up? What will your life be like? Getting help is a lot less risky than continuing down your current path. I will end this book review with a quote right from Lisa:

“It’s imperative to your well-being that you stop spending money on stupid shit! I know it sounds harsh, but in order to control your money, live your life on purpose you must ask yourself BEFORE you make a purchase,” how does this purchase add value to my life”; If it doesn’t add value, don’t buy it. You work hard for your money and now is the time for all women to spend money on things that matter.”

You can’t help but love her passion!

So get help, find out if there is more to your life than what you are currently living, click here to get your copy of her #1 Best Selling book!

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