Book Review: Boss Up! This Ain’t Your Mama’s Business Book by Lindsay Teague Moreno

Oh, the number of times a day I tell myself to man up! But why should it be man up? I should be telling myself to boss up or mom up or wonder woman up! 

I was walking through the airport with my husband when I saw this book that just seemed to shout #pinkfix to me. I’m sure you’ve been there when you see something that fits right into your world. I ditched my husband and ran over to see what this book titled: Boss Up was all about. It was feminine, it was about business, and it was about a mom who came from nothing to create her own empire. YES, this was definitely up my alley!

Boss Up! This Ain’t Your Mama’s Business Book by Lindsay Teague Moreno couldn’t have come into my world at a better time. I’ve been averaging at least one business book a month, and was ready for my next one. I also was preparing for my new Money empire Program, which consisted of all women business owners or women looking to create a business. I was thrilled to have a book to help guide my Money Empire women as they start to own their money baggage, strive to earn six figures, and create a solid foundation with their money to grow their own Empires. 

As you go through Boss Up, you learn you aren’t alone in the mom-prenuer battle. Tackling being a mom, a wife, and a new business owner, and that you WILL mess up at times. BUT with Lindsay’s help along with the guidance of a mentor, you can also have the ride of your life. You can add to the family’s income, make a huge impact on your kids, and find your purpose in life.

Purpose versus Passion

Lindsay knew right away she wasn’t cut out to be a stay at home mom, which I can relate too. Being a mom makes me very happy, but it doesn’t leave me feeling fulfilled. She also wanted to find a way to work on her own terms, contribute to the household budget, and show her daughters a NEW way to be a mom and a business woman. As Lindsay tried to find her new path in life, she understood the difference between passion and purpose. Passion is great, but it won’t get you paid that is where purpose comes into play! You need to find the sweet spot where your passion which will keep you moving forward AND your purpose which will get you paid collide.

If you are starting out in your business or are already established but looking to get yourself to the next level, think about your purpose and passion in your business. What is your purpose? What gets you excited, so excited you jump out of bed in the morning?

The BIGGEST difference once you find your sweet spot is to do some research. Who will work with you or buy from you? What will be your product or service? AND who else is doing what you are trying to do? Learn exactly how they do it, and then flip it! Do it so different, so unconventional that you have no choice but to stand out!

I once had a very successful female financial advisor tell me I am too girly and pink for her. It gave me confirmation that I am standing out, and actually made my giggle. After my call with her, I sent her a very girly, very pinked out #pinkfix package in the mail. You bet your butt I am going to stand out because the more you stand out, the more you become UNFORGETTABLE!

As Lindsay says: 

Unexpected + Unconventional = Unforgettable!

After reading her book, I dove into my own business and evaluated it compared to the typical financial advisor role. You’ll have to wait until 2020 to see what I found! If you want to learn more about Boss Up, you can buy the book here: