Hidden Power of Change Summit Recap

It’s Jessica Weaver and we just had our huge event, the hidden power change financial summit for women yesterday. I’m a little tired. And today I took the day to, well one we had breakfast all together and then advisors flew out, we had advisors flying in from Texas, Alabama, Washington State, Michigan, all over, we had over 60 women … Read More

S1 E11-We’re All Just Doing Our Best with Jessica Weaver and Ilissa Goman

In this episode, Jess is back with Ilissa Goman, who is the owner of ILISSA & Co and the Creative Director of JessicaWeaver.com & WWB. Ilissa and Jess discuss triggers and how those can differ for everyone. She also gets into how you can make the best out of difficult situations you may be going through. Ilissa stresses the importance of living … Read More

Spring Cleaning For Your Mind

Do you ever find yourself wanting to start fresh? Clean out any negative or stressful energy from your life, refresh yourself and declutter? Well, trust me, you would NOT be alone! I remember getting this feeling when I was pregnant with my first born, going into full on nesting mode. Wanting to prepare and do everything I could to be … Read More

S1 E10- An Unlikely Path with Amanda Stilwell

In this episode, Jess talks to Amanda Stilwell who is one of newest financial advisors here at the Women’s Wealth Boutique and is also a Managing Partner for Clarity Financial. On this episode Amanda gets into what brought her to the financial advisor world more specifically the long-term care and hospice side of finances. They also discuss the importance of … Read More

Hidden Power of Change Financial Summit

With so much growth, change, and risk taking, we had to dedicate an entire summit to it AND a magazine written by all the fabulous ladies at the Women’s Wealth Boutique called The Hidden Power of Change. We are hosting a full day event on May 17th in honor of our National #pinkfix Day to this theme along with launching … Read More

Are You Always Waiting For the Bad News?

Do you ever expect bad things to happen to you? Like when you receive an email, you just think oh no now what! Waiting for it to be a complaint or a mismanagement that you have to handle? This is me as I write this blog! I had 2 financial advisors new to my firm reach out to me at … Read More

S1 E08- Impacting Lives with Regiane Glory

In this episode, Jess talks to Regiane Glory who is the founder and CEO of Total Help lawyer service- a service to assist Brazilian immigrants navigate the legal system in various countries. They discuss what it is like to run a business across multiple countries. Regiane also talks about her journey coming from Brazil to the US and how she … Read More

Can You be Grateful For Where You Are Today?

Somehow every work trip I come back from this year, I wake up to one of my kids throwing up…the stomach bug! I’m sure you have heard, witnessed, or been subject to the stomach bug over the past several weeks. My family have all gone through it twice in the span of 4 weeks. Oh the laundry, so much laundry, … Read More

When You Face a Challenge, People Either Step Up or Step Down

This was the thought bouncing around in my head as I headed into a meeting that I knew was going to be tough. I hate confrontation, I don’t know many women who like it. As women, we constantly try to make everyone around feel good, and confrontation does the opposite of that. I will avoid confrontation, I will hide from … Read More