Guest Post: Coming Changes to the FAFSA

Over the next three years, the Federal Department of Education will phase in changes to the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Aid, which may increase out of pocket college costs for families, yet reduce the complexity of applying for need-based financial aid. The following are highlights of the changes, as well as recommendations for families to consider:   NUMBER OF KIDS IN COLLEGE In the current FAFSA evaluation, … Read More

Appreciation is a tricky thing

“Remember you have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” — LOUISE HAY I have given a lot of advice in my life, ranging everywhere from emotional to financial, but some of my favorite moments and pieces of advice are ones like this quote. We work our whole lives to … Read More

Pink tax is real for the people who are paying it!

Since the holidays are approaching, it has come the time to be thinking about what to buy your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and the list just goes on! You make your way to your favorite mall, and you begin the quest to be this year’s best gift giver. Store after store, your sister Nina is the next one on your … Read More

Financial abuse can be so scary and can cost you a fortune!

This November, we celebrate a month dedicated to preventing women abuse and further spread awareness about the things often pushed under the rug, in a dark room, with the door completely shut. It’s a topic that moves most people but is also a topic that people shy away from. Is it because it’s too unsettling to talk about? Or is … Read More

A day to remember a woman’s worth and how she is compensated.

Equal Pay Day… a day to remember a woman’s worth and how she is compensated. Allow me to paint a picture for you… You and your twin brother couldn’t be more alike. Same interests, skills, intellect, etc. After years of hard work and keeping each other accountable in order to ensure you both land your dream job, you both find … Read More

How to save money on buying holiday food, gifts, and décor!

The holidays have arrived, your friends and family are planning to get together, and you have somehow become the host! Its an exciting task, but preparation and buying everything you need can be a bit daunting and honestly, expensive! How can we get through all the festivities this year without breaking the bank? Prioritize and plan! Spread out purchases, utilize … Read More

Budgeting to build up savings as the holidays get closer!

It’s officially fall and yes, that means you can already smell the pumpkin spice, the turkey dinner, and even the sweet smell of Christmas in the air. The holidays can bring a warm nostalgic feeling as you think of how magical it was growing up during this time of year. You let that joy fill you with excitement to prepare … Read More

How to fully heal from your money scars and reignite your light!

Meet Marianne, she just entered the real estate world as a new realtor. What a hectic, unprecedented time to become a realtor! All she keeps hearing is to stick with it, this is a crazy time, and push through. Well Marianne, is exhausted, overworked, and feeling like her success if lightyears away…will she even make it? All her life she … Read More