The True Value of Your Business

Do you own a business? As you know, I own a few at this point! We have our Women’s Wealth Boutique, #pinkfix Productions, which is our media and marketing firm, and now Women’s Wealth Protection, our sister company for insurance. A lot of the time we let the outside world tell us what the value of our business is. You … Read More

S1 E21- Sexual Empowerment for the Busy Woman with Misty Smith

In this episode of “Women Behind the Millions,” host Jessica Weaver welcomes guest Misty Smith, Certified Sex Therapist Licensed Professional Counselor along with Donna Cates, financial advisor and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. In this episode they delve into the complexities of sexuality, addressing societal attitudes, communication challenges, and the impact of divorce on one’s sexual experiences. The conversation explores the … Read More

The 3 Pillars of Your Legacy

If you follow me on instagram, @pinkfixmymoney, I’ve been hosting LIVEs every Wednesday at 11 am EST. These LIVES have become known as our Legacy LIVES, and touch on topics from the nightmares of estate plans gone wrong to how to get your story into a published best selling book. I love doing these LIVEs, some prepared, some improve, because … Read More

S1 E20- Knowing Your (Hiring) Strengths and Weaknesses with Jordan Christa

In this episode of Women Behind the Millions, host Jessica Weaver interviews Jordan Christa, an entrepreneur and recruitment expert in the wealth management industry. Jordan shares her insights on making intentional hires, the challenges of leadership, and the importance of understanding a firm’s identity and goals. She emphasizes the need for operational skills and a love for building and managing … Read More

Estate Planning Red Flags and How to Avoid Them!

Did you know…that 70% of wealth is lost from one generation to the next, and 90% is lost with the following generation. After being a financial advisor for over a decade we have heard our fair share of estate planning failures. I remember a client telling me that at her father’s funeral, her sister in law asked for a check … Read More

S1 E19- Revolutionary Leadership and Building Community with Maruxa Murphy

In this episode of Women Behind the Millions, host Jessica Weaver interviews Maruxa Murphy, CEO & Founder of Revolutionary Communities. Maruxa shares her inspiring journey and how the strong women in her life, including her mother and grandmother, shaped her perspective on leadership. Together, they discuss the importance of building intentional communities and the shift in societal expectations for women. … Read More

Are You A People Pleaser?

So I took a stance recently, and maybe you can relate to this… I decided I would no longer be a people pleaser. I’ve been one my entire life, and it has caused me to be too silent when I should have spoken up. It has led to disappointments with myself and for others. It enables the people who like … Read More

S1 E18- Breaking the Mold: Empowering Women in the Financial Industry with Nora Gillis

In this episode of Women Behind the Millions, host Jessica Weaver interviews Nora Gillis, a financial industry professional who has found her passion in empowering women and breaking free from traditional frameworks. Nora shares her journey from Latvia to the United States, the challenges she faced, and how supportive mentors guided her along the way. She also discusses the importance … Read More

Are You Afraid of Money?

I remember growing up to the TV show, Are You Afraid of the Dark? My mom loved the show, it was scary yet kids appropriate! You see my mother loves scary movies, scary shows, she even turned our garage into a haunted house every Halloween night. Yes, she would hide in a full size coffin, drinking “blood” or between you … Read More

S1 E17-Understanding your Business. Insurance- that is! with Teri DiGrande

In this episode Jess talks to Teri DiGrande, the owner of a State Farm agency in New Jersey. Teri reflects on her journey in the insurance industry, starting from her early days at State Farm to eventually becoming an entrepreneur and opening her own agency in 2010. Throughout the episode,  she emphasizes the importance of building long-lasting relationships with clients … Read More

Lessons I’ve Learned From Building a Female Focused Financial Firm

Lessons I’ve learned from building a female focused financial firm: You can ONLY work with people who are aligned with your mission. If you start to play small to make your other partners, co-workers, clients, or prospects feel better about themselves, no one wins. Playing small doesn’t serve the world! Be surrounded by people who support the person you are … Read More

S1 E16- Building Relationships and Finding Success: A Journey from Health Coaching to Real Estate with Leigh Lohman and Melissa Myers

In this episode Jess talks with both Leigh Lohman- Associate Broker/Realtor and Certified Health Coach and Melissa Myers from the Melissa Myers financial group. During this episode they dive into the life and career journey of Leigh Lohman. The ladies emphasize the importance of nurturing relationships, both professionally and personally, especially for women in sales, service, entrepreneurship, or business ownership. … Read More