I woke up this morning feeling very confused…

I woke up this morning very confused. How could I feel so happy in this moment of my life yet have this huge internal pull for more? Have you ever felt that way? I love my life, I love my family, my house, my work, I truly have all that I ever wanted yet there is a deep feeling of … Read More

4 Mistakes Every Woman Business Owner Makes and How to Avoid Them

As the owner of a women’s financial firm, the Women’s Wealth Boutique, I transition advisors from being employees of another firm to running their own financial planning practice. It’s takes a lot of courage going from W2 employee to running your own business, from employee to employer. You are switching roles and with that comes great responsibility and also great … Read More

Bad habits creeping in?

In this session, Gail will teach you the Fogg Behavior Model which cracks the code of habit formation! Come prepared to think about a specific habit you wish to break and what would change for you if you could let it go. In this interactive and fun session, you’ll learn how to look at your behavior with curiosity and objective … Read More

Market & Mindset Update

During times like these in the markets, it is make it or break it. Patience is the key to making it through pullbacks that we are experiencing and setting yourself up for a strong recovery. In the end, the markets are designed to go up, but we find ourselves during volatile situations thinking the markets are always going to be … Read More

I’m staring at the most beautiful mountains I’ve ever seen

I’m sitting on a leather chair with a glass of crisp rose in my hand staring at the most beautiful mountains I’ve ever seen. I just landed in Montana with my husband for our anniversary, it’s been 7 years since we’ve gotten married and the last 2 years have been a new test to our relationship. Heck it’s been a … Read More

I Began to Tear Up Thinking How My World Has Changed

Here I go again! On another plane to Florida to reunite with my ladies! I’ve known my business coach Robyn Crane for almost six years now and I’m flying down to see all the women financial advisors for the weekend. I begin to tear up thinking of how my world has changed. I first walked into a weekend like this … Read More