What Retirees Should Know Before They Travel

I had a one on one client in my office the other day, and she was ecstatic with how much money she has already made with Airbnb. Within the first month, she made over $400! The main reason she was so enthused with the amount was she booked a trip without realizing how she was going to pay for it. … Read More

Student Loan Conundrum

It is nothing new that student loans are becoming an increasing expense for college graduates, with the majority of students leaving school with debt equivalent to a small mortgage. It is no wonder they have trouble moving out of their parent’s house, trying to buy a car or house, or becoming financially independent. I recently met with my cousin to … Read More

We are Women Part 3… Let’s Make a Difference

In our last We Are Women post, I thought it was appropriate to end with the following quote: “It’s a great satisfaction knowing that for a brief period in time you made a difference.” Isn’t that the point to our lives, that we have made a positive difference in someone’s life? Whether it’s your own life, your children’s, your family’s, your loved … Read More

We are Women Part 2

In my second We Are Women posting, this week’s quote is… “Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That’s why it’s a comfort to go hand in hand.”-Emily Kimbrough How important it is to have a support group around you when you go through a tough time. Your true friends are there with you when you are at your worst, but … Read More

Meet our New Addition

Due to the early arrival of our bundle of joy, postings will be delayed a week. Meet Andrea Claire Weaver, aka Andie, who surprised us all by coming 4 weeks early. We aren’t sure if it was the 300 squats I did everyday or the eclipse that made you come so quick, but we are so happy you are here, … Read More

If You Want Something Done Ask a Woman

I was at Barnes and Noble the other day to see my poster in their window for my book signing. It was a very surreal moment that quickly ended as I creepily tried to climb behind the counter to get a better picture with my poster. After almost breaking the display, a very friendly and helpful employee got the poster … Read More

What To Do When Your Plan Falls Apart

What happens when you wake up one morning and your plan falls apart for some reason or another? Maybe you’ve had a set back with work and aren’t making the amount of money you thought. Or you’ve had one, two, three big and unexpected expenses, so that goal of yours now seems impossible. What are your options now that your … Read More

How To Stay Sane When Your Family Moves In

This week is a guest blog by Deborah Gussoff, MBA, CPO® Certified Professional Organizer® and Residential Specialist, who I recently did an event with. Her knowledge on organizing is so tremendous, I wanted to spotlight her on my blog. Hope you enjoy! How to stay sane when the family moves inAdult children – either on their own or with a … Read More

How To Make Investments as Polished as Your Shoes

Investment accounts are like shoes: you have your flats, wedges, and stilettos.  They all have their place in your closet, each there for a certain purpose.  Flats for your everyday life, they are reliable, easy to wear, and so they become our go to shoe in the present moment.  Wedges are great to dress up an outfit or dress it … Read More

My Thoughts on Maternity Leave

As we approach my due date, I wanted to share with you why I will only be taking a few weeks off from work. My baby shower was over the weekend, so now reality seems to be sinking in. I’ve been getting a lot of comments about why I only want to be home with my baby for such a … Read More

How To Keep the Family Together After a Death

When dealing with an estate, you really never know what you will find…and miss! It’s usually beneficial to bring in a professional to help you sort out all the ins and outs of the estate so nothing gets missed during the process. Earlier this summer, my husband lost his grandfather. Pop, as I called him, had a great life and … Read More

Work Life Balance… A Complete Bust!

As I’m driving to work half asleep with one eye that’s been twitching for the past 3 weeks from pure exhaustion, I came to a realization.  There is no such thing as work life balance!  Whoever says we can have it all is wrong.  I am writing this on a Friday morning after a marathon of a week and an … Read More