Creative Enterprise – The Story Behind a Woman’s Career Platform

tephanie, a business major and head of a creative agency, quit her job and relocated with her husband a few months before she had her baby. In a brand new place, recent motherhood and lack of support, it was difficult to pursue her career dreams. Fast forward a few years, she is now a licensed yoga teacher, teaching yoga at … Read More

The 3 Money Tips I Learned from Childbirth

The 3 money lessons I learned from childbirth:  In my opinion, men think very differently than women! I went into labor over 4 weeks early and because of this my husband never even thought it was labor. He told me it was indigestion and got me some tums. Then after calculating my contractions for a few hours, and spoke with … Read More

Busy & Stressed… The Never Ending Hamster Wheel for Women

Alright you, I have a question for you? Why do we, as women, always stress ourselves out? I was thinking about this very thing this morning while walking my dog. I was rattling through my to do list for the day, getting all worked up about how on earth I will get it all done. And then it hit me, … Read More

Money Detox Part 3

And now we will go through the last two steps to taking control over your money and telling it whose boss. These two steps are last, but they are probably the most important ones so listen up! These steps are important to do by yourself, with your partner, and with your advisor because you want to make sure everyone knows … Read More

Money Detox Part 2

Congratulations, you are on the money detox train going full speed ahead! You now know more about your cash flow, and have hopefully taken steps toward saving more money and spending less on “stupid stuff” as my husband loves to call it. It’s so important to know where your money is going to you can get back in control of … Read More

Money Detox Part 1: How to Love Your Life and Your Money

I get asked most of the time how can I start to be more active with my money. Sometimes it is a wife asking how she can get more involved since her husband takes care of everything, and she has no idea where all their money is. This can be very scary, what if something happens to your husband? OR … Read More

5 Easy Steps to Become a Financially Successful Woman

How to become a Financially Successful Woman is easier than you think. I will break down the top common traits of women who are in control of their money so you can also take charge of your money! Financially Confident Women know exactly where they stand with their money. When we don’t know where we are in relation to our goals, we tend … Read More

What Retirees Should Know Before They Travel

I had a one on one client in my office the other day, and she was ecstatic with how much money she has already made with Airbnb. Within the first month, she made over $400! The main reason she was so enthused with the amount was she booked a trip without realizing how she was going to pay for it. … Read More

Student Loan Conundrum

It is nothing new that student loans are becoming an increasing expense for college graduates, with the majority of students leaving school with debt equivalent to a small mortgage. It is no wonder they have trouble moving out of their parent’s house, trying to buy a car or house, or becoming financially independent. I recently met with my cousin to … Read More

We are Women Part 3… Let’s Make a Difference

In our last We Are Women post, I thought it was appropriate to end with the following quote: “It’s a great satisfaction knowing that for a brief period in time you made a difference.” Isn’t that the point to our lives, that we have made a positive difference in someone’s life? Whether it’s your own life, your children’s, your family’s, your loved … Read More

We are Women Part 2

In my second We Are Women posting, this week’s quote is… “Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That’s why it’s a comfort to go hand in hand.”-Emily Kimbrough How important it is to have a support group around you when you go through a tough time. Your true friends are there with you when you are at your worst, but … Read More

Meet our New Addition

Due to the early arrival of our bundle of joy, postings will be delayed a week. Meet Andrea Claire Weaver, aka Andie, who surprised us all by coming 4 weeks early. We aren’t sure if it was the 300 squats I did everyday or the eclipse that made you come so quick, but we are so happy you are here, … Read More