Where to really invest this year…

What investments do you need to make this new year? I’m sure your mind immediately goes to the bills, the kid’s school tuition and savings, renovations around the house, but what if I told you there are more important places in your life to invest money and time?!  Invest in your retirement plan. In the past women thought Prince Charming … Read More

How to save your relationship from financial problems

When entering new and exciting relationships, we might tend to get a little too OVERexcited and OVERlook things we shouldn’t, such as our money! While it is difficult going from a single financial plan to a double financial plan, with two independent people coming together, there are certain mistakes I can help you to overcome and stay the hell away … Read More

You’re making the money, but where on earth has it been going?

It’s no secret that budgeting is one of the harder things for most people. It’s not crazy to want to spend the money we work hard for, but it is particularly difficult to decide what to spend it on. When you get your paycheck at the end of a long, tiring week it’s normal to want to treat yourself to … Read More

Nobody’s said you’re good at…

Nobody’s said you’re good at…fill in the blank. So it keeps you from taking that next step. The fear sets in that you really aren’t good enough, oh thank you little critter piece of my brain for reinforcing my insecurities that I never can seem to do enough, be enough for work, for home, for my family.  As I sit … Read More

Boundaries: Power is in your boundaries! Decluttering for 2022

Do you ever find yourself wanting to start fresh? Clean out any negative or stressful energy from your life, refresh yourself and declutter? Well, trust me, you would NOT be alone! I remember getting this feeling when I was pregnant with my first born, going into full on nesting mode. Wanting to prepare and do everything I could to be … Read More

If you told me how this year would go…

If you told me how this year would go, I would have said thanks but no thanks, I’m sitting this one out! I began 2021 in such an excited state! I was thrilled to be at my new firm and I was embarking on a PR Summit, where I would be pitching to the Today show producers, Wendy Williams, Rachel … Read More

Perfecting your Holiday Payment Plan

It’s crazy to think that the holidays are just around the corner, and with holiday joys come holiday fears, financial fears! It is something that everyone faces this time of year, how will I afford everything? Am I getting the best deals? When should I start my holiday shopping? Well I’m here with just a couple tips to get you … Read More

People come into our lives for a reason, for a season.

Going through a tough time this holiday season? Just know you’re not alone! Whether it be something as little as not knowing what to get for everyone or as big as a divorce, everyone has something to stress about during the holidays. The real difference lies in how we react and treat the problems we are facing. Do you dwell … Read More