S1 E27-Empowering Women to Look and Feel Their Best with Desiree Miranda

In this episode of “Women Behind the Millions,” host Jessica Weaver interviews fashion industry veteran Desiree Miranda. Desiree shares her journey from high school intern at Nordstrom to launching her own fashion line, Miranda New York. The discussion covers her passion for empowering women through fashion, the challenges and joys of starting her own brand, her dedication to charity events, … Read More

S1 E26-Journey From Pharmacist to Impact Maker with Dr. Trish Francetich

In this episode of Women Behind the Millions, guest host- Melissa Myers talks with Dr. Trish Francetich, a pharmacist and certified hypnotherapist, who shares her journey of transitioning from a traditional pharmacist to a business owner focusing on empowering healthcare professionals. She discusses her holistic approach to wellness and her use of rapid transformational therapy, a combination of talk therapy, … Read More

S1 E25- Riches are in the Niches with Mallika Malhotra

In this episode of “Women Behind the Millions,” host Jessica Weaver talks with award-winning brand strategist, mentor, and speaker Mallika Malhotra, who shares valuable insights on building a powerful brand. She emphasizes the importance of clarity, confidence, and consistency in branding, advising entrepreneurs to focus on solving specific problems for their ideal clients. Mallika’s expertise in niche marketing and strategic … Read More

Let’s Talk Salary Negotiations Ladies!

I’m going to be real with you, there is a pay gap, yes we all know this! As women, we earn $0.82 on the dollar. But there is also an education gap between men and women. Looking back a few generations, women were not taught about money. How to sew, check! How to cook, check! How to clean, check! And … Read More

S1 E24- How To Thrive In the Messy Middle with Veronica Rodgers

In this episode of Women Behind the Millions, host Jessica Weaver is joined by financial educator and wealth advisor Veronica Rodgers to discuss personal growth, career transitions, and the challenges of managing wealth. Veronica shares her journey from starting in the mail room of a bank to becoming a successful financial adviser, emphasizing the importance of not settling for less … Read More

Thanksgiving Shopping Tips

Hey there, savvy shoppers! Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we all know that preparing a scrumptious feast can sometimes put a strain on our wallets. But fret not, because I’m here to share some insider tips on how to save money while shopping for your Thanksgiving meal. After all, there’s no better feeling than indulging in a hearty … Read More

S1 E23- Being Savvy with your Money Starts Here and Now with Lisa Chastain

In this episode of “Women Behind the Millions,” host Jessica Weaver interviews guest Lisa Chastain, a financial coach and mentor. Lisa shares her journey as a business owner and the overwhelming nature of decision-making. She emphasizes the importance of having professionals to guide financial management and the significance of support. Lisa discusses her mission to empower women, particularly millennials, in … Read More

10 Budget-Friendly and Delightful Fall Activities for Families

As the leaves start to change colors and the air becomes crisper, the fall season offers a perfect opportunity for families to come together and create lasting memories. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to drain your wallet to have a great time with your loved ones. We’ve compiled a list of 10 exciting and affordable fall activities that … Read More

S1 E22- Healing Your Money Story is a Generational Gift and a Gift to Yourself, too with Allera Dawn

In this episode of “Women Behind the Millions,” host Jessica Weaver interviews Allera Dawn, a financial healer and high priestess who blends spiritual understanding with real-world finance and business knowledge. Allera emphasizes the importance of listening to intuition, questioning societal expectations, and breaking free from traditional ways of living. They discuss their own journey of leaving a relationship during a … Read More

The True Value of Your Business

Do you own a business? As you know, I own a few at this point! We have our Women’s Wealth Boutique, #pinkfix Productions, which is our media and marketing firm, and now Women’s Wealth Protection, our sister company for insurance. A lot of the time we let the outside world tell us what the value of our business is. You … Read More

S1 E21- Sexual Empowerment for the Busy Woman with Misty Smith

In this episode of “Women Behind the Millions,” host Jessica Weaver welcomes guest Misty Smith, Certified Sex Therapist Licensed Professional Counselor along with Donna Cates, financial advisor and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. In this episode they delve into the complexities of sexuality, addressing societal attitudes, communication challenges, and the impact of divorce on one’s sexual experiences. The conversation explores the … Read More

The 3 Pillars of Your Legacy

If you follow me on instagram, @pinkfixmymoney, I’ve been hosting LIVEs every Wednesday at 11 am EST. These LIVES have become known as our Legacy LIVES, and touch on topics from the nightmares of estate plans gone wrong to how to get your story into a published best selling book. I love doing these LIVEs, some prepared, some improve, because … Read More