Dallas Speaking Engagement Recap

Sometimes one opportunity leads to huge new beginnings. Watch for a recap of how my speaking engagement went for a group of advisors at a convention in Dallas! PS: We have an exciting (and spicy) virtual event coming up in March! Learn more about: From the Boardroom to the Bedroom here.

S1 E05: The Power of Collaboration Amongst Successful Women with Leslie Lipscomb

⁠In this episode, Jess talks to Leslie Lipscomb, who is the Senior Vice President, Financial Independence Group. Leslie talks about the importance of supporting women in the financial services industry. She discusses her own journey and how she started out in a very unsupportive environment and how she was able to find the support she needed. She also talks about … Read More

Imposter Syndrome: Learning to Love Yourself

If you don’t feel like you are enough, then your money will never feel like it’s enough. One area of lack or scarcity in your life will always lead to a lack of money in your life.  We just had an accountability check in with our team of advisors. I asked if any of them felt like they weren’t enough. … Read More

S1 E04: Using Financial Planning to Build Your Dream Life with Caroline Tanis

In this episode Jess talks with Caroline , who is a Financial Advisor, Strategist, and Speaker, and also part of the Women’s Wealth boutique. Caroline talks about how she felt like she hit a wall professionally and knew it was time to expand into something different. They discuss the importance of being able to express yourself in your profession and … Read More

Holding a Safe Space for You is my Life’s Mission!

A new opportunity came up to coach other women financial advisors and build out a female platform for another company. Always intrigued by helping more women in finance, I took a trip to visit them with our Creative director Ilissa. On the flight down, I was reflecting on my work and all that we do at the Women’s Wealth Boutique. … Read More

S1 E03: The Importance of Sharing Your Voice with the World with Hilary Jastram

In this episode, Jess talks to Hilary Jastram, who is the founder of J. Hil Creative, which is a marketing agency that specializes in copywriting, editing and book editing. Hilary discusses her own special journey that took her from being a young girl fascinated with reading to a highly successful entrepreneur starting her own publishing company. She discusses the highs … Read More

S1 E02: How to Create a Profitable Business Your Way with Brittany Young

In this episode, Jess talks to Brittany Young, is a personal financial coach specializing in helping female financial professionals to make more money and work less. They discuss the importance of self worth. Brittany also talks about the  difficulties she faced in the past while working in male dominated industries and the push back she received solely based on the … Read More

S1 E01: Curiosity and Authenticity with Brynna Wilson

In this episode Jess talks with Brynna Wilson – a Financial advisor and money coach in Denver, Colorado. She is also one of our featured advisors from the Women’s Wealth Boutique. Brynna discusses behavioral finance and what that truly means. She also gets into her own personal feelings towards money growing up and how that ultimately ended up impacting her … Read More

This Vision Isn’t Mine

I sat in a conference room filled with the best female financial advisors in the country. Speaker after speaker gave us new energy and excitement for our work, until we heard the cold hard facts like a gut punch. Yes we all need a strong gut bunch or reality check to really get us off our assets and do something. … Read More

Happy New Year with Jessica Weaver

What a year 2022 was! Definitely a bit tumultuous, but so full of growth. How did it turn out for you? Who are you becoming on this journey?

When Work Takes over Your Life, it is Time to go Back to God.

When work takes over your life, it is time to go back to God. He is calling you Home! Do you ever get into moments of your life when you can’t stop thinking about…fill in the blank!  For me, it can be: potty training my son, my mother, the stock markets, the safety of my kids and husband, but most … Read More