S1 E18- Breaking the Mold: Empowering Women in the Financial Industry with Nora Gillis

In this episode of Women Behind the Millions, host Jessica Weaver interviews Nora Gillis, a financial industry professional who has found her passion in empowering women and breaking free from traditional frameworks. Nora shares her journey from Latvia to the United States, the challenges she faced, and how supportive mentors guided her along the way. She also discusses the importance … Read More

Are You Afraid of Money?

I remember growing up to the TV show, Are You Afraid of the Dark? My mom loved the show, it was scary yet kids appropriate! You see my mother loves scary movies, scary shows, she even turned our garage into a haunted house every Halloween night. Yes, she would hide in a full size coffin, drinking “blood” or between you … Read More

S1 E17-Understanding your Business. Insurance- that is! with Teri DiGrande

In this episode Jess talks to Teri DiGrande, the owner of a State Farm agency in New Jersey. Teri reflects on her journey in the insurance industry, starting from her early days at State Farm to eventually becoming an entrepreneur and opening her own agency in 2010. Throughout the episode,  she emphasizes the importance of building long-lasting relationships with clients … Read More

Lessons I’ve Learned From Building a Female Focused Financial Firm

Lessons I’ve learned from building a female focused financial firm: You can ONLY work with people who are aligned with your mission. If you start to play small to make your other partners, co-workers, clients, or prospects feel better about themselves, no one wins. Playing small doesn’t serve the world! Be surrounded by people who support the person you are … Read More

S1 E16- Building Relationships and Finding Success: A Journey from Health Coaching to Real Estate with Leigh Lohman and Melissa Myers

In this episode Jess talks with both Leigh Lohman- Associate Broker/Realtor and Certified Health Coach and Melissa Myers from the Melissa Myers financial group. During this episode they dive into the life and career journey of Leigh Lohman. The ladies emphasize the importance of nurturing relationships, both professionally and personally, especially for women in sales, service, entrepreneurship, or business ownership. … Read More

Do You Struggle With Your Wealth?

There are 3 main areas women struggle with when it comes to their wealth that we have identified at the Women’s Wealth Boutique:  -Inner conflict, their internal world is telling them a different story than their actual goals. -Trust, it takes time for women to build up trust when it comes to their money, their behaviors around money, and investments.  … Read More

S1 E15- Long-Term Care Planning: Protecting Your Future with Alecia Barnette

In this episode Jess sits down with Alecia Barnette, who is the Senior Vice President at Financial Independence Group. Alecia shares her personal journey into the business, driven by a desire to protect families from the emotional and financial strains of unexpected care needs. Through personal anecdotes and expert advice, she highlights the importance of proactively planning for long-term care, … Read More

S1 E14- Beautiful Transformations with Kris LeDonne

In this episode Jess talks with Kris Ledonne who is the owner and CEO of Reminiscence by Kris LeDonne, a company that helps individuals organize and convert their photo and video memories into digital formats. Kris shares her journey from being a public school music teacher to launching her own business, and how she identified an opportunity to help people … Read More

Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Not Enough?

I am day 10 into a 40 day Prosperity Plan with The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price. I find it so liberating that I have all of our female financial advisors at our Women’s Wealth Boutique including our team participating with us. I strongly feel that if you are touching other people’s money, managing it, investing it, then you … Read More

S1 E13-Your Female Brain on Wealth, Abundance, and Money with Dr. Anita M Brown

In this episode, Jess talks to Dr. Anita M Jackson who is the founder and CEO of Power HER Success Alliance and AMJ Productions and Publications, about the role of guilt and shame in limiting individuals’ potential to achieve financial success. She explains how repetitive thoughts and behaviors create neurological pathways that affect the brain’s energy, leading to blocks and … Read More

S1 E12-Aligning Your Money with Lauren Wood

In this episode Jess talks to Lauren Wood who is one of the wealth advisors at Women’s Wealth Boutique and also the founder of Aligned Wealth Solutions. She has been in the industry for 14 years and is known for getting things done and solving problems without judgment shares their journey from being compliant to realizing the importance of pursuing … Read More