S2 E14- Being a Success Champion with Teri DiGrande

In this episode of “Women Behind the Millions,” host Jessica Weaver guides listeners through a powerful meditation exercise focused on releasing feelings of unworthiness and fear, leaving them with a message of self-worth and confidence. Joined by special guest Teri DiGrande, a successful entrepreneur and insurance professional, the episode delves into the journey of women in the financial industry, discussing … Read More

S2 E13- Detours and Determination with Siedah Garrett-Guess

In today’s excerpt, our host Jessica Weaver engages in a riveting conversation with Siedah Garrett-Guess, a prominent financial strategist and CEO. Together, they explore Siedah’s daring ambition as a 12-year-old, her transition to financial literacy advocacy, and her mission to empower millions of women to build millionaire legacies. Discover the impact of teamwork, the importance of gratitude, and the art … Read More

S2 E12-Legacy Planning with Veronica Rodgers

In this episode, we join Veronica Rodgers, a seasoned captain in the world of finance, as she shares her insights on creating generational wealth and a legacy plan for the future. Join us as we explore the power of breath work, Reiki, and the importance of creating a safe space to be vulnerable. Discover practical money tips, the impact of … Read More

S2 E11- Taking Care of People Who Take Care of People with Amanda Stilwell

In this episode, our host, Jessica Weaver invites Amanda Stilwell, a financial services expert at Clarity Financial Solutions, to discuss her journey through the insurance and financial world. They delve into the crucial topics of Social Security, Medicare, and hospice care, highlighting Amanda’s remarkable transition from ministry to financial services. Together, they emphasize the impact of health on financial planning, … Read More

S2 E10- Divorce Knowledge with Donna Cates

In today’s episode, we are joined by Donna Cates, a certified divorce financial analyst and advisor at the Women’s Wealth Boutique. Donna shares her expertise in helping women navigate the complexities of financial challenges, especially during divorce settlements and rebuilding after a loss. From empowering women to take control of their financial well-being to discussing the tax implications of alimony … Read More

S2 E9- Drilling Down Debt & Knowing the Risks with Holleigh Urbanik

In this episode, host Jessica Weaver sits down with the inspiring Holleigh Urbanik, a Financial Trendsetter who shares her powerful story of resilience and determination in the male-dominated world of finance. Holleigh’s journey, from overcoming challenges to finding abundance and joy in her life, serves as a beacon of inspiration for all women aspiring to take control of their financial … Read More

S2 E8-Money Intelligence with Karmen Gearhart

In today’s episode, host Jessica Weaver engages in an empowering conversation with guest Karmen Gearhart, a certified financial planner with a passion for guiding her clients and their families toward financial security. Karmen’s journey is one of resilience and determination, as she opens up about her own financial challenges, the transformative power of shifting mindsets, and the satisfaction of attaining … Read More

S2 E7-Being a Connector and an Advisor in the World of Wealth with Leslie Lipscomb

In today’s episode, we sit down with the remarkable Leslie Lipscomb, a true trailblazer in the financial industry. Leslie shares her insights on the increasing number of women taking control of their finances and the importance of establishing a personal brand in the industry. Join us as we delve into Leslie’s journey, her top money tips, and her mission to … Read More

S2 E6- What You Do Matters with Jill Phillips

In this episode, host Jessica Weaver talks with guest Jill Phillips who is a Financial Professional/Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Hyer Financial. During this episode they discuss the importance of heart-led action in financial management, the impact of long-term care planning on families, and the evolving landscape of insurance options. They emphasize the significance of open communication and trust … Read More

S2 E5- The Importance of Representation with Cameo Roberson

On this episode of Women Behind the Millions, we have a captivating guest, Cameo Roberson, founder of Atlas Park Consultant, which provides Business Coaching & Operations Strategy services for Financial Advisors and Wealth Management Firms. In this episode, we delve into the world of high net worth women and the shifting landscape of financial advising. Together, Jessica and Cameo shed … Read More

S2 E4- Seeing the Changing Tide of Women with Camille Ledda

In this episode, host Jessica Weaver sits down with the inspiring Camille Ledda, Director of Operations at The Women’s Wealth Boutique. Camille shares her journey from facing discrimination in the male-dominated financial industry to empowering women in wealth management. We delve into her personal resilience, faith, and the importance of work-life balance, and how she found her place in the … Read More

S2 E3-Being the Only Woman in the Room with Nora Gillis

In today’s episode, we sit down with the remarkable Nora Gillis, a trailblazing figure in the financial industry. Nora shares her invaluable insights on navigating fear and making sound investment decisions, highlighting the importance of long-term planning and seeking mentorship. Join us as we explore the challenges and triumphs of Nora’s journey from Latvia to the US, and delve into … Read More