I Began to Tear Up Thinking How My World Has Changed

Here I go again! On another plane to Florida to reunite with my ladies! I’ve known my business coach Robyn Crane for almost six years now and I’m flying down to see all the women financial advisors for the weekend. I begin to tear up thinking of how my world has changed. I first walked into a weekend like this … Read More

Mother’s Day Money Tips

I have always found Mother’s Day to be one of the most important holidays that families should celebrate together. Every family has, and needs, a matriarch! The one that everyone can lean on, everyone can go to for advice or support, that someone who is always going to be in their corner without question, and that’s what our moms will … Read More

Spring Clean Your Budget!

“Get rid of clutter and you may just find that it was blocking the door you’ve been looking for!”  – Katrina Mayer  Do you ever find yourself wasting your spring worrying about taxes, bills, and new payments coming in? Well, let me help you with decluttering your money and spring cleaning your budget!  When looking at your funds, there are … Read More

Stop controlling, start allowing!

I spent the entire week telling myself: just allow blessings to surprise and delight you all week long. In my past life, I was a control freak, ok I might still be a control freak at times, but I’ve learned that the more I try to control, the more I become attached to a certain outcome. The pressure mounts, the … Read More

Quantum leaps in your money!

I’m sitting on the flight to Tampa Florida for a 3 day event with my business coach. In her world, I now work as an accountability coach and coach groups of women financial advisors as well as some one on one work. And I love it, I’m beaming for joy as my flight is about to take off!  I’m on … Read More

Fear of Failure Anyone?

Have you ever been too scared to write down a goal or announce it out loud because what happens if you don’t reach it? You’d be struck with a HUGE failure in your mind, and beat yourself up about it, right? I knew I wasn’t good enough! I should have known better than to think I deserve so much money! … Read More

Have you raised your prices yet?

Stephanie Georgakopoulos from the Women’s Wealth Boutique is sharing an awesome exercise with us today for business owners! Take what you are charging and double it, then double it again— and that’s your new price!  Did you do it? What emotions came up?  Did you get a case of imposter syndrome? Did you think, “Who am I to charge THAT??” … Read More

Credit Cards & Credit Score: What You Need to Know

How does a credit card work? How do you get a good credit score? How do I pick my credit card issuer? Believe it or not, these questions are normal for people to ask when it comes to credit cards, credit scores and things of the sort. Here are some quick answers for you ladies, in case you have any! … Read More

Part 2: The ultimate barrier to your breakthroughs!

You have an amazing moment at work, with your kids, or maybe with your spouse. You have an incredible dinner out with your bestie or your spouse, then it ends with a fight. Or you’re having such fantastic results at work, then a minute later think something bad will happen to your kids because you just can’t be this lucky, … Read More

Part 1: The ultimate barrier to your breakthroughs!

Have you ever had a week where you were so over stressed, your nerves are shot by the end of the week. It’s like your nervous system was a punching bag all week long, and now you can’t move, just a puddle on the ground. This was my week, up all night and stressed all day. But why? This was … Read More