Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Do I REALLY need this?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping offer some amazing deals, and they are a lot of fun! But are you buying for the thrill of the deal, or because this is an item you truly need? For some, Black Friday shopping is a tradition, heading out for a day of deals with a family  member or friend. But are you getting things you really need or could you save that money and use it towards a new tradition, or in some cases a vacation! I’ve seen first hand the “steals” everyone is getting on these shopping days, but are you reallying doing yourself a disservice?  So I ask you, do you really need 3 Massive TVs, 2 laptops, 3 tablets, 4 coats, 6 designer bags, 5 pink dresses and 15 pairs of shoes? Or could you put that money to better use?

I have a few questions that you should ask yourself before shopping these sales:

  • Do I really need this item?
    • Is there a physical need for this item?
    • Is there an emotional need for this item?
    • Is this item a gift you truly need for someone, or do you feel guilty not buying it?
    • Are you looking for the thrill of getting a great deal and then regretting it later?
  • Did I need this yesterday?
    • If the answer to this question is yes, then totally get it, especially if it’s on sale!
  • Will this get me closer or further from my goals?  
    • Will this item help me in some way, and not just from an entertainment or fashion standpoint. Will this item actually accomplish something?
  • What else could I do with this money?
    • Could I use this money for anything else that would benefit myself or my family? Perhaps a way to make memories, a show with the grandkids or a family getaway?

If your answer is yes, I truly needed this item, and it wasn’t just for the thrill, that’s great! Shop away! Or if Black Friday Shopping is your tradition, by all means enjoy! Just set a budget for yourself so you don’t end up overspending. If these scenarios are not you and you are just shopping for the thrill of the deal, I challenge you to take the money and put it in a savings account. Then when you need it’s there for something fun or something necessary for your family. 15  pairs of shoes won’t take you on a trip to Italy, or repair your car. Even if they are really cute, #pinkfix shoes! 😉 

I want to hear what your guilty shopping pleasures are…mine are pink lipsticks and pink dresses! I just can’t get enough, which is why I set boundaries on my spending habits. And you can too!