Become The CFO of Your Life 

My husband hates snowboarding, as much as I hate not shopping.  You probably know how much I love to shop, so he must really hate it!  I thought it would be fun to take a lesson together when my family went to Vermont one year.  He started the day with a ton of doubt in his mind.  He didn’t believe he could do it, and his actions proved him correct.  When all the little snowboarders and skiers were passing him on the slopes, he started to doubt himself even more.  And when I say little, I mean 4 and 5 year olds!  I started skiing when I was 3, so I’m not nervous or overwhelmed at the top of the mountain.  When you do something consistently for over 25 years, it becomes second nature.  Your beliefs and behaviors are aligned with each other.  So instead of avoiding the slopes like Eric does now, I embrace them, let them challenge me, and finish with a beer in celebration.  Trust me, I still have my fair share of falls.

Though I’m pretty sure I will never get Eric back on the slopes, He will at least come along on the journey to Vermont with my family.  We went to Stratton to celebrate my parent’s 35 wedding anniversary the other weekend.  Happy Anniversary mom and dad!  They went skiing on their honeymoon, so all they wanted was for all of us to be together on a mountain somewhere.  While Eric stayed mostly inside nursing a beer or five, my family charged the slopes! 

Maybe you are like Eric with some financial or money related issue in your life.  You are terrified of it, too overwhelmed to look at it, or just want it to go away.  If you are like this, don’t worry, you are NOT alone.  We all have something we like to avoid like the plague, like stepping on the scale after all the holidays.  We don’t want to do it, we wait until the last possible moment, but when we finally do, it isn’t so bad.  So to get you to take action and address your money issue or fear, here is my step by step guide to get over your fears!

  1. Step 1: Decide what it is you want.  Let’s take a moment to envision what you want for your life.  I recommend booking a Discovery Call with me in order to do this very thing, to help you discover what you want for your life and what is stopping you from getting it.  What can we do to get you financially secure and give you the freedom of choices with your money?  Doesn’t that sound nice?  You will have to start realigning your beliefs to match what you want.  If you believe you will never get out of debt, well guess what?  You never will.  You can start a new mantra by saying I will live debt free.  Or if you’re worried about funding your retirement, start believing: I will have a bountiful retirement.  So Step 1 is to book a call with me.  See how easy this guide is going to be!
  2. Step 2: Discover what your current money behaviors are doing for you and your goals?  If you believe you will never get out of debt, then you probably are doing behaviors to make sure you stay in debt.  If you are nervous about having enough money for retirement, then you are probably not saving enough.  Our behaviors mirror our beliefs so that our beliefs come to fruition.  Knowing this, why don’t we change our beliefs and behaviors so we actually get what we want?  Step 2 is to create a plan, or a strategy to get your behaviors in line with your new beliefs.  Simple huh?  Step 2 in my world is a Strategy Session, to establish where you today, where do you want to go, and how do we get you there?  Great, you’ve had your Discovery Call, went through your Strategy Session, and now on to Step 3.
  3. Wow, you are on Step 3 already!  Congratulations for getting here!!  Do a little dance, pop open a bottle of champagne and celebrate your victory.  Now that we have a plan, what must we do?  IMPLEMENT it and TRACK it.  We celebrated a little, but now it is time to get down to business.  I will be honest, this is where the majority of people fall short.  They have every intention of putting their plan to work, but they get busy with life or they procrastinate.  To help you get on track and stay there, it is a huge benefit to have an accountability buddy.  Someone to push you along the way, to go to for advice or maybe just to vent, and more importantly, to guide you through the hiccups and roadblocks.

All of my clients begin with this process, and often they go from complete overwhelm, confusion, and nervousness to total control.  Because of the impact I’ve seen from these steps, I’ve created a mentorship program as a way to give yourself a jump-start.  The first CFO of Your Life Mentorship starts in March, and I have a limited number of spots left.  I am so excited for the program and the wonderful women already a part of it.  So let me ask you, will you be my next CFO

Below is a brief description of the program and if you would like more information on it, please click here:

CFO of Your Life

hief Financial Officer of your life is a hefty title to promote yourself to.  There isn’t a doubt in my mind that you can do it, and succeed in doing it.  All you need is the right program with the proper tools, support, and guidance to get you there and to stay there.

Become the CFO of Your Life is a six month community program to shape the new chapter in your life to be what you deserve.  My vision for what I believe will be a breakthrough program is to bring women together to create a bond for their next adventure in life.  It is geared towards women who are going through a major life transition such as divorce, losing a spouse, or starting a career or a new career.  By having a community, it breeds beliefs and confidence in each other and within yourself.  Balancing life, family, and a major life transition, can be overwhelming and daunting at times.  We need to carve out time to bring the focus back on ourselves because if we aren’t managing, our family isn’t either.

The program is built on 4 Pillars: ConfidenceComfortControl, and Clarity. Confidence to take action today with empowerment from knowledge on money and investing.  Comfort from having a community of support and guidance to keep you moving in the right direction with your life.  Control over your life and your choices, so you aren’t making one bad financial decision after another.  And finally, clarity of what you really want for the next stage of your life.

All it takes is a decision to start living your self-worth and level up your life.  Let’s take action together, and create a new life worth living for you and your family.  There are more choices, opportunities, and ways to live out there for you.  Don’t you deserve to find them?  Click below to set up a call to see if the program can transform your life.

Jessica Weaver, CFP®, CDFA™, CFS®
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